Chapter 782 I Have Evidence

Toby didn’t answer, which obviously meant that Sonia had guessed correctly.

While Sonia was curious, her heart was also a little warm. She knew that he just wanted to have lunch with her and didn’t want to eat alone.

With a sigh, Sonia softened her gaze and said, “Why did you do this? You know that I’m sleeping, but you still waited for me. Did you know what time I’m going to wake up? What if I slept until you got off work in the afternoon? Would you have waited until then?”

Toby chuckled indifferently. “It’s not a big deal; don’t look so serious.”

“Isn’t this a big deal?” She pursed her lips and raised her voice. “If you don’t eat on time, it’s not good for your health, do you know that? Besides, something bad happened to you last night.”

“No.” He shook his head slightly, indicating that there was no big problem with a late meal.

An angry Sonia pinched his thigh when she saw that he still looked indifferent, which made him groan in pain.

Hearing that, she snorted coldly. “Serves you right!”

“Are you angry?” Toby rubbed his thigh and turned his head slightly to look at her.

Sonia didn’t care to look at him, so she turned away. “What do you think? You don’t eat on time and you don’t care about it either. Of course, I’m angry. I’m worried about your health, yet you don’t care at all. ”

“No.” He stretched out with his hand to hold her shoulders. Seeing her turned back, he said with a gentle voice, “I do care, and I did listen to you, but I don’t think that one late meal will cause much harm to the body. Besides, I want to eat with you more than eating alone. It is more delicious eating together, right?”

She looked up at him. “Yes, but you could have called me to get up at that time.”

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He nodded. “Really.”

remind him afterward, “Even if I don’t come here in the future, you still have to eat on time. I heard Tom say before that when you are busy sometimes, you will neglect your meals. How can that be? If you don’t care about your meals, how can your body take it? If something goes wrong with your


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he was upset and couldn’t help laughing. “Okay, then I’ll wait for you to take good care of yourself,

so happily, Toby sighed helplessly, then flicked her forehead

before she said, “Don’t worry; in fact, even if you don’t take care

old, Toby raised his eyebrow. Although he didn’t answer, his thin lips curled up in satisfaction.

way, have you read the messages I sent you before?” After laughing for a while, Sonia finally

It was done by a director of my company named Damon Lore. I have ordered Tom to investigate this matter. After

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