Chapter 783 Happy to Help You

As Sonia spoke, she found Toby’s social media and sent the recording to him.

Toby heard his phone vibrating, but he did not take it out of his pocket and instead stared at her with a deep gaze. “Dangerous? Do you know what danger is?”

He had a peculiar tone, which made Sonia look up at him with suspicion. Seeing his gloomy expression, the smile on her face slowly solidified before it finally disappeared. Feeling a little uneasy, she asked, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you have such a terrible expression? I didn’t offend you, did I?”

Toby sighed before he took her phone away from her hand, after which he grabbed her wrist. As he pulled her forward, he embraced her in his arms tightly before he said, “Sonia Reed, do you know how dangerous it was to record that man?”

This time, he called out her full name. In the past few days, he had been calling her by her nickname and she was already used to it. Now that she heard him call her christened name, she was no longer used to it. After being taken aback for a while, she also realized that he was admonishing her like that because he was exasperated. She also comprehended that he was angry about the recording that she took.

Of course, it was not that she shouldn’t record it, but it was the fact that she didn’t care about her own safety when she recorded it. He was angry that she didn’t protect herself well.

After thinking about this, Sonia gradually relaxed her stiff body. She then raised her arms and returned Toby’s hug. As she leaned her chin on his shoulder, she replied with a slight smile, “I know, but don’t worry. Am I not fine now?”

“Yes, you are fine now, but if something really happens, can you still speak in front of me like this?”

Toby slightly pushed her away from his arms and stared at her face. “Do you know how nervous and worried I was when I saw the messages you sent me after the meeting? I was worried that you were discovered by Damon’s subordinate. I know that person; he is a ruthless man. If he found you, he would definitely not let you go, so I rushed to the office in fear. When I came to the office, I found the door was locked. I didn’t know if it was you who locked it or that person did it. All I knew was that when I opened the door, my hands were shaking. I was afraid I would see that you were…”

he didn’t dare to say it, and he didn’t seem

he was


in Sonia’s heart before she took the initiative to hug Toby. “I’m sorry. I should’ve sent you a message at the end to tell you that I’m fine.

her hair. “Yeah, I was worried, but fortunately, when I opened the door, I saw that you’re

“That person didn’t find me. I was quite lucky, I guess. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands after eating the cake, and just as I was about to come out after washing my hands, I heard movement outside. I thought at first that it was you, but when I heard that person talking, I realized that it wasn’t you, but someone hostile to you. That person was calling another guy to say that he was looking for some documents, so I knew I couldn’t go out and couldn’t be found. If I was found, that person would definitely be against me, so I stayed in the bathroom quietly and didn’t plan to head out. At the same time, I took out my phone and recorded everything. Anyway, I

she had described it very plainly, as if what happened had already passed and she no longer cared, it still made him

out at that time, so he could imagine how scared she was when she was

of this, Toby wrapped his arms and hugged Sonia so tightly that he wanted to melt her into him. His voice was a little broken as he responded, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left you alone in the office. At that

should have insisted on not letting her come here. If she

head to the bathroom, what if she didn’t go to the bathroom at that time? Or what if she went to the bathroom and came out without hearing any movements outside? Or maybe

never wanted to experience this kind of thing again.

words, she bit her lower lip slightly, and a trace of fear flashed in her eyes. “Yeah, I was a little scared. This is the first time I have encountered such a thing, and I have no experience. So, I was afraid, of course, but I quickly calmed down again. I didn’t let myself make a sound or go out, and I just calmly recorded with my phone, and finally locked the door. Speaking of which, I

Saying that, she laughed.

matter had passed, and she was safe now. He stroked Sonia’s hair while his gaze softened, and his

office with only one bathroom and no other rooms. Later, Tom thought it was too uninteresting, so he changed

would have had nowhere to

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