Chapter 784 Passion

After Toby heard Sonia’s words, his pupils contracted slightly. “You…”

It turned out that she was ecstatic just because she had done something for him. She’s such an easy person to please!

Toby felt warmth rising in his heart. Looking at her, his Adam’s apple bobbed a few times and his voice was low and hoarse as he clarified, “Are you really that happy?”

“Yeah.” Sonia nodded. “Of course I’m happy. Through this way, I know that I am not only someone who is helped by you, but I can also help you in turn. A relationship goes both ways, right?”

She raised her head and met his inky eyes, which darkened even more. “It goes both ways…”

He repeated these four words over and over.

Sonia tilted her head. “What’s wrong with that?”

Toby shook his head. “No, it’s nothing. It sounds good. I like it very much.”

A smiling Sonia replied, “A relationship that goes both ways is one that is the sincerest and touching. In our current relationship, you have always given me more and I can see that. Yet, I didn’t know how to help you, which makes me feel that the relationship is a little unbalanced. I always feel that you keep giving to me all the time. I seem to owe you too much, so I have been thinking, what should I do? How can I make up to you? Since you don’t lack anything and don’t need me to do anything, I’ve always been helpless, but now, I finally had the chance to do something for you. This makes me feel better.”

She patted her chest, her eyes filled with happiness.

while, then suddenly pushed her

at the man with wide eyes. “Toby,

words, her red lips

the next second, the tip of the man’s tongue made its way into her

being kissed by him. Losing her strength, she finally wrapped her arms around his

was like. Once he felt moved, he would use actions to prove how excited he was at that moment. After all, such a moving thing could not be described with words. Therefore, expressing it

that he was this elated because she had only recorded some evidence and said a few words. Toby was

even more. For some time, the situation in the huge office

left on her body while he was only left with a thin shirt. All of a sudden, there was a knock on the door of

the door was like a basin of cold water that was poured on the couple who was still entwined with each other. At that, they instantly sobered up and regained their

the time, she realized it was almost time for the man to return with the dishes. With

as he looked at her with disbelief, feeling unhappy that she suddenly pushed him

panting slightly. “Okay, stop it. It should be Tom, so go

the clothes on the floor beside the sofa

As a girlfriend, she was also willing to satisfy her

on Sonia’s face was indescribable when she


still dark from emotion while his cheeks were reddish and his aura was domineering. His figure exuded a sense of masculinity that made women crazy. Since Sonia was

by Toby’s sexy appearance that she forgot that this was his

on the door, it would be the worst anticlimax. For her, it was fine as she was a woman whereas as a man, he would definitely be more hurt and it would be easy for

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