Chapter 785 Seafood Feast

After all, Sonia’s image couldn’t be ruined in front of outsiders and it had to be maintained at all times. Moreover, it was that kind of thing, which she couldn’t allow others to notice even more; otherwise, it would be embarrassing for her.

Thinking of this, Sonia pursed her lips again.

Over there, Toby arrived at the door of the office to grab the door handle and turned it to open the locked door to reveal Tom. When Tom saw Toby, he first smiled respectfully at Toby, then raised the oversized food box in his hand. “President Fuller, your lunch with Miss Reed has arrived.”

Toby’s good mood instantly vanished and he had a dark face again while facing Tom. He glanced at Tom coldly before impatiently asking, “Why are you so late?”

If Tom came earlier, he would not have interrupted Toby and Sonia. However, this man came neither too soon nor too late and messed up Toby’s steamy moment with Sonia. Obviously, Toby was upset at him.

When Tom saw Toby being mad at him, he was startled and blinked his eyes in confusion. “H-How is this too late? As soon as lunch arrived, I immediately brought it to you.”

So, how was this late? It didn’t even take half an hour, yet Toby said that he was late. Did Toby expect him to become the Flash?

Tom felt a little aggrieved, but at the same time he felt that something was wrong. He knew that Toby was not the kind of person who would say that he was late for no reason. Yet, Toby said so at this time. Thus, there must be some special reason, but what was it?

A suspicious Tom looked behind Toby. On the sofa not far behind him was Sonia sitting there and drinking elegantly, but it seemed that this elegance had a sense of oddness. It had a kind of stiff and unnatural feeling about it as if she had done something wrong and was trying her best to mask her panic and keep her composure. After all, Sonia didn’t even look at Tom but kept her head down.

This was definitely not like her usual style, so he was more determined now that she was guilty of something.

Tom couldn’t understand what she was guilty of, so he turned his attention to

with Toby. Toby’s tie was missing while the collar of his shirt was wrinkled as if it had been grabbed by someone just a moment ago. There was also some redness on his Adam’s apple

Wait, bitten?

eyes widened and he suddenly understood

was because he came at the

and he

it inside.” Toby turned and walked into the office without

didn’t dare to look around for fear that he would see something that he shouldn’t see. After all, the two of them were having fun in the office earlier. Although he didn’t know how far they went, if they had gone all the way, there

he took

at him. “Okay,

Tom waved his hand, indicating that

believe you will know how to deal with it after listening to it. I don’t have many demands. I just want Damon and his subordinates out of the Fuller

thinking about other things and his expression

the Fuller Group. As such, Tom guessed that the recording contained hard evidence that

where Toby received it from, it didn’t matter as long as it was useful and

arrange everything and will not disappoint you,” Tom

handle. After buying back the shares in Damon’s hands,

Tom responded again, then turned and

the seafood feast that was inside the packaging. She then poured two cups of black tea and handed one of them to Toby. “It’s not appropriate to drink alcohol while eating seafood, so I used tea instead of wine. Congratulations for successfully weeding out the scum

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