Chapter 786 Peel a Crab for You

Toby noticed the dejected expression on Sonia’s face and he subsequently placed a prawn onto her plate. “You haven’t had any seafood for quite some time now, so you should enjoy this meal. Have some more. In the future. I’ll accompany you and get seafood whenever you crave it.”

Sonia was very touched to hear his words and she nodded her head with a smile. “Sure! I’ll hold you accountable to that, then. I warn you, though—you’d better not renege on your words because of your busy schedule.”

“I won’t.” Toby shook his head. “Well, the worst that could happen would be that I deal with work while eating seafood with you. I could deal with the paperwork and hold a conference while we eat if you don’t find it annoying.”

“Pfft!” Sonia couldn’t control her laughter as soon as she heard his description.

“What do you mean by holding a conference and dealing with your paperwork while eating seafood with me? Stop pulling my leg.”

Indeed, Sonia found his words quite amusing and she envisioned the situation of him sitting in a conference room with tens to hundreds of people, holding a meeting while sitting on his spot with a platter of seafood in front of him. The whole time, Toby would peel prawns while he spoke to the crowd regarding the content of the meeting.

The scene in her mind was extremely amusing to her and she couldn’t contain her laughter at all. At once, her face flushed red from the excitement she felt.

At that moment, Toby stared at her. “Alright, alright. You’ve laughed long enough. Don’t laugh too long because you might become breathless.”

Sonia nodded her head repeatedly. “Yeah, I know that.” Subsequently, she took a deep breath and gradually calmed down.

Just then, Toby picked up a crab and placed it on his plate. Following that, he slipped some disposable gloves on while mentioning, “How are you feeling? Are you feeling much better now?”

Meanwhile, Sonia lifted her brows. “So did you purposely say that you were going to accompany me for some seafood while holding a conference to cheer me up?”

Inside the box, there were some professional tools used to

Sonia instantly felt a warm, fuzzy feeling. “Of course I feel better! I just laughed so happily earlier,

lifted his head to glance at her and warmly murmured, “You’re the person I love, so of course I will do so.” Then, he lowered his head and

seen Toby peel a crab. In fact, it wasn’t a dignified thing to do and especially for someone belonging to such high

didn’t generally eat crabs. They generally ate crabs that had been dismantled and well-processed. Basically, none of them would actually personally peel a crab. That would be considered a disruption to

or if she dined with Charles. Those were the only times when she would disregard her

contrary and dismantled a crab personally. Furthermore, his actions weren’t the least bit vulgar at all. On the other hand, he looked exceptionally refined and it was a pleasure

was captivated and she couldn’t even

to perform an act generally shunned and widely avoided by people in their

Sonia couldn’t help looking at Toby with an

at her. He saw that she was staring unblinkingly at the crab in his hands, and the smile on his face instantly deepened but he didn’t say a word. Subsequently, he lowered his head once again and continued to handle the crab in his

from the crab, and he placed the crabmeat and roe back into the back of the shell. The yellowish filling glistened and the whole shell was filled to the brim. Just by a light touch, the crabmeat and roe quivered and it looked very appetizing,

feeling. She was quite worried that she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from grabbing the crab from Toby if she

just peel another one myself. And so, Sonia placed down her utensils, and then she took a crab to start dismantling it when a large hand, which was holding the crab shell filled to the brim with crabmeat, stretched out in front of her. The large hand reached over in front

looked at the crabmeat on her plate, and she glanced at the man who’d just withdrawn his hand. Her mouth widened

his hand and replied smilingly, “I did it

response, Sonia’s

it. Don’t let it turn cold because it won’t taste as

prepared for her and Toby had intentionally dismantled the crab for her. Come to think of it, she was salivating after it earlier and had even intended to grab it from him. Unexpectedly though, he had prepared it for her right from the start. Immediately, there was a warm, fuzzy feeling that rose within Sonia,

cup of tea. “There’s no need to thank me. It’s just a crab. Hurry up and eat it. But, one’s enough

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