Chapter 787 Can’t Help Being Attracted

It was no wonder that Sonia would be attracted to Toby once again. After all, he had put in so much effort without her realizing it, and he had even found out in detail about all of the things that she enjoyed. He had done so much preparatory work and the effort he put into it was more than enough to touch her heart.

It was quite likely that Sonia wasn’t the only one who thought so. Every woman would definitely be attracted to that. After all, women tended to be sentimental. It was pretty much impossible not to be touched by a man who had put in so much consideration for her and even silently done so much for her behind her back. Furthermore, not every man could commit like Toby had.

Most men were great at professing their love but in actual fact, they hardly did much for their loved ones. It was fortunate enough if they didn’t find their loved ones troublesome.

Meanwhile, Toby came from such a well-off background and yet, he was willing to put in so much effort for her. Sonia was quite touched by that.

At that thought, she lowered her head and smiled. Subsequently, she scooped a spoonful of crabmeat and reached out toward Toby’s direction. “Open your mouth.”

Just then, Toby was caught by surprise and soon after that, he came to his senses so he glanced at her with a half-smile. “What’s going on? Do you want to feed me?”

“Yeah.” Sonia nodded her head. “It’s quite obvious, isn’t it?”

At that moment, Toby smiled and reached out to block her spoon. “That’s not necessary. I specifically prepared this for you. You should enjoy it yourself.”

“No.” Sonia frowned and replied unhappily, “I know that you’ve specifically prepared this for me, but this belongs to me now that you’ve handed it to me and I want to share it with you. You must not reject this. For example, you wouldn’t want me to reject this crab that you handed over to me, right? If I’d rejected you, then you would surely be quite upset about it. Similarly, I will be unhappy with your rejection too. Besides, this crabmeat was prepared by you so tediously and the crab shell was so hard, so your hands must be very uncomfortable after all that. If you didn’t even get a taste of it, then what’s the point of doing all this? Come on and open your mouth. Hurry up. Otherwise, I’m about to get mad!” There was a threatening hint in Sonia’s voice just then.

Meanwhile, Toby saw Sonia’s no-nonsense look and he chuckled softly before nodding his head. “Okay, then. I won’t reject it.”

It’s quite true that I would be unhappy if she rejected my offer. Naturally, she would be unhappy if I rejected her too. That’s why I should accept this. After all, this is a token of her regard and it’s also proof that she cares about me. As soon as he thought of that, he inclined his head slightly and opened his mouth to eat the crab meat on the spoon.

pleased expression upon seeing that. Subsequently, she asked him with

and nodded. “Anything handed over by

moment, Sonia didn’t expect that he would suddenly flirt with her and she instantly

chuckled and he seemed

the end, they took nearly an hour to finish their meal and Toby instructed his secretary to come in and tidy up the table after they were done

up everything. She didn’t stay in

extremely pleased with his secretary’s actions. Subsequently, he glanced

satiated with the delicious meal and at that moment, she lay on the couch comfortably. She lounged there quite lazily, and she flopped on the couch in a lying down position. She didn’t even want to lift a finger and she curled

tugged at her hand. “You just had a large meal, so don’t lie down yet.

on the couch and refused to move at all. She was quite adamant to remain in her position as she focused

that, she blinked her eyes pleadingly at him and tried

Toby relented instantly upon seeing her response. Instinctively, he

pillow and found another much more comfortable position to laze

actually been charmed by her cute

I’m not! I’m usually quite a resolute person, but it’s dependent on the other party too. If this was anyone else, then I would definitely show absolute resoluteness. However, he was faced with Sonia and her pleading look earlier had caused him to relent almost instantaneously. He had instinctively

sigh, he glanced resignedly at Sonia, whose eyelids had started to droop

this time. She can lie down. It’s just this once so hopefully, she’ll be fine. I must make sure to stop her next time, though. With that in mind, Toby picked up a blanket and unfurled it to cover

hugged the pillow and nodded her head without

Toby was slightly upset to see that she didn’t even bother to

his beloved one after all, so there was nothing he could do about it and he could only accept it. As such, Toby shook

Sonia opened her eyes.

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