Chapter 789 Guilt

If it weren’t because of Tina, who had been pulling strings in the shadows, Tyler wouldn’t have mistaken Sonia as the homewrecker who had come between Toby and Tina. This naturally wouldn’t have led to his resentment toward Sonia.

Although he used to have an awful temper, he was well-aware of the fact that Sonia had treated him extremely well during the six long years.

However, due to the resentment Tyler held against homewreckers, he had been ignoring how well Sonia had treated him and even treated her with his worst attitude.

It was only through this way could he constantly remind himself to never be moved by Sonia. He had always told himself that she was the other woman, the one who came between Toby and Tina. Hence, he would never treat her nicely and go soft on her.

The reason behind Tyler’s intense hatred toward women who came between other people’s marriage was because the people in his circle had always bad mouthed his mother, who was the third person between his father and Valerie Johann, Toby’s biological mother. They had derided him because Tyler was an illegitimate child.

He was enraged, yet there was nothing he could do as his mother was indeed the mistress in spite of her not being an ordinary ‘mistress’.

Nonetheless, he still had faced plenty of mockeries because of his mother’s identity, and even his parents had faced public condemnation. His mother was derided as a country bumpkin who had miraculously captured the heart of the head of the Fuller Family. On the other hand, the public criticized his father for not loving a lady from a wealthy family and instead falling in love with a country bumpkin; Homer was even said to be testing out if the trash outside smelled better after being used to luxurious food.

Those words resembled sharp knives that stabbed into Tyler’s young, fragile heart, prompting him to become more rebellious during his teenage years. He also had an incredibly low self-esteem.

Hence, in those six years, he kept targeting Sonia because he had resented her for destroying the relationship between Toby and Tina. Tyler even thought that Sonia would cause Toby to be ridiculed by outsiders, just like what his father had experienced all these years for marrying the mistress.

As such, Tyler had been bullying Sonia and put on his most awful attitude in hopes of destroying her marriage with Toby, so that she would back down and leave the Fuller Residence.

However, who could have expected that after Sonia had left, only did Tyler finally know that Sonia was not the homewrecker. Instead, she had been the woman that Toby had loved all along. The third person between their relationship was actually Tina, who had pretended to be Sonia.

had helped the real homewrecker drive away Toby’s original partner. At that instant, he felt as though he had been devoured by a heavy sense of

afraid that she wouldn’t forgive him. Therefore, Tyler hadn’t been able to muster the courage to even show his face in front of Sonia, let alone apologize

he wouldn’t need to apologize to her for the moment. However, the guilt in his heart kept weighing him down when he had been abroad, and the

been disqualified from the competition. After having been through multiple defeats, Tyler had grown a lot and become more mature mentally. Finally,

he had to confess to her the apology that he had been keeping inside


the line was thinking. However, she curled up her red lips and coldly snorted. “Even though you have been deceived, you can’t deny all

loss for words, as he was unable to refute

been blinded to the truth. I was the one who did all those terrible deeds, and

he had indeed committed a

on the other end of the line had fallen silent and his breathing became heavier, Sonia

Tyler muttered with a

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figure made him look like a

and it made him seem a little

surprise flashed across Sonia’s eyes and she laughed. “You actually know that you deserved that? Not bad, Tyler. You are currently more charming than

in person, their brief conversation that night allowed her to

words or criticisms,

how his gaze was, but she could tell from the way he spoke that he had dropped the sharp tone and become much calmer.

he had experienced in the past

was currently much more charming than he used to be, Tyler could feel happiness blooming in

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