The three of them were chatting intimately, and Kylie wished she could take off her shoes and throw them to the three. She left angrily.

"Grandpa is going to have an operation. Let me pack your clothes."

Jane explained her purpose. Dayton had never been here before, so she brought him too. He had nothing to do at home during the winter vacation anyway.

"Yes, you know my decision."

William was slightly surprised. The medical team met to discuss the matter, and there were differences of opinion. Some people suggested continuing to observe. After all, Colin was too old to endure the operation.

Craniotomy might produce a series of complications, and the procedure was dangerous unless the doctor was skilled.

Once something unexpected happened, Colin would die.

"Yes, I know Grandpa. If Grandpa was awake now and knew of his condition, he would also agree to the craniotomy."

Jane said firmly, "Grandpa is not a coward."

The helicopter was in the backyard of his home, and William should be ready.

"Let's go upstairs."

William felt extremely good that someone understood his grandfather and him.

He casually teased and took his son to the elevator, smiling all the time.

"Daddy, nowadays, women are very dangerous. You have to stay away from them."

Dayton warned in an adult tone that Daddy's clothes were very expensive. If there were women always rushing over, he would have to get rid of a lot of clothes.

Even though their family was rich, they could not spend it like this.

Normally, his great-grandfather would always let him finish his meal. Rice was the fruit of the farmers. There were still many people who could not afford to eat rice.

"OK, I understand. I will keep a distance from other women."

William had an implication, which made Jane a little embarrassed.

It was as if she had brought her son to the scene on purpose.

"If there are girls in kindergarten who want to kiss me, I will run away. Otherwise, my face will be dirty and I don't want to marry them."

William looked at each other

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