Time Travel to Become Your Sweetheart

Chapter 121 Well, I Am Mrs. Duncan

Jane felt terrified, and those unpleasant details emerged from her mind once again.

"Does my kidnapping have anything to do with the Carts?"

The Cart Group could just spend some money bribing others given its financial resources. Jane had never underestimated the jealousy of women, but she downplayed their viciousness.


William denied. He looked at Jane and reminded her that the mastermind was more cunning than imagined.

It was impossible that the Carts should fail if they wanted to destroy someone given their background and strength.

"Not really."

William showed disdain on his face. Jane pursed her lips and smiled.

Indeed, the kidnapping seemed to have quite a few issues, but actually, it was perfect.

"It might be the enemy of the Duncans, so you were implicated by me."

William's heart sank when thinking of the forbidden tune of the mask dance. He wanted to tell Jane the truth, but there was no evidence and it would only frighten her.

"Well, I am Mrs. Duncan."

Jane smiled faintly. She knew that the female lead had numerous enemies and she would only die faster if she left William.

For both Dayton and herself, she must save this marriage.

The hot tea was steaming. Jane warmed herself with the teacup and looked into the distance.

"I still don't understand. Mr. Andrew is not the kind of person who is easy to compromise. How did he agree to marry Daisy?"

From Daisy to Sophia, it was Andrew's final struggle. At least Sophia was clean and didn't love his good brother.

"He said that Master Floyd's cancer was terminal, so..."

Andrew believed what she said as long as it was related to his grandfather.

"Master Floyd is full of strength, who doesn't seem to be sick."

Jane was very disdainful. She accompanied her grandfather to the Floyd's a few times and also stayed there for a whole morning. She didn't see Harrison taking any medicine.

Anyway, the marriage between the Floyds and the Carts had become a truth.

"Try not to go out during your stay at home. Call me if you have any problems."

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"Madam, don't worry."

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"Take care."

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