Time Travel to Become Your Sweetheart

Chapter 123 Toxicity Test

Jane refused. William kept a low profile, wishing that no one would remember his appearance. He rarely appeared in public. Her face had been known to the public when she broadcast the shareholders' meeting live.

Traveling by plane would cost public resources. The public was hostile to the rich. There was no need to arouse their hatred.

William's apartment was highly private and safe. Moreover, she could be at home when she invited Pearl over.

After thinking carefully, Jane decided to move to the apartment for a few days and then move back on New Year's Eve.

"Alright, Madam. You can bring a suitcase to carry the toiletries, clothes, and Dayton’s homework. I'm so worried since there will be no one from home to take care of you."

Lainey reminded Jane one thing after another.

Although Dayton did not go to kindergarten, the teacher had assigned a lot of homework for him to do in the winter vacation.

William didn't allow outsiders to enter his apartment, so Jane could only do the housework herself.

Jane packed her things. It took her three hours to drive from the Duncan's to William's apartment.

It was not the main road. The snow was too thick. Jane didn't dare to speed up, so she had to drive slowly. This was the first time Dayton had left the Duncan's. He was very curious and kept looking out of the window along the way.

The phone rang.


Jane answered and turned on the speaker. She had just arrived at the garage.

"Janie, it's me, Pearl."

Pearl called. She was with Sophia, hoping that the three of them could have a meeting.

"Mommy, do you have something to do?"

Dayton said thoughtfully. If Mommy was busy, he could stay at home alone.

"Then come to my house," Jane said.

Jane hesitated. She had to take Dayton wherever she went now. William was a neat freak. Every time Lainey came to clean the house, she had to wear shoe covers and a hat.

William hated to touch people and tried his best to be neat. Women's hair was the most unbearable thing for him.

If possible, Jane didn't want to invite her friends to his apartment because she didn't inform him in advance.

"You're at the International Mansion? That's Mr. William's place. We had better not go there."

On the phone, Pearl laughed naughtily. She knew William was paranoid.

"You know that?"

didn't say everything straightly, but Pearl understood her, which touched Jane


makes the patient a doctor. Back then, I was

one. He was so aloof that

he looked down on women and even didn't

he was a neat

in some aspects, and

Pearl quickly concluded three points. William had a considerate

wife and ask Pearl to be with Jane even if he was only

at a

found that Pearl said it

for joking. I'm at the International Mansion.

and room number of her apartment. Jane found that

"William lives upstairs?"

Pearl couldn't believe it. She had lived here

every resident strictly confidential, so no one could pry into anything from the security

live here. All rooms were prohibited from being rented out so

I'll bring my son with

tidied up her things,

you for a few days. You've

greeted Jane calmly. Afterward, her eyes shone as she looked at Dayton as if she was

behind Jane. The strange

me, what's

rubbed her hands. What should she do? She couldn't

William, but he looked exceptionally cute and not aloof at


Dayton's face turned red as he stuck out half of his head. The strange woman

you're so

at Dayton,

"Thank you, lady.

politely. Sophia immediately took

to Dayton and joked

Finally, Dayton ran to Jane's side, pulled her arm, and whispered, "Mommy, let's

who eat children under the disguise of

doing your homework?" asked

Pearl's apartment was very big, so Jane found a guest room

invited Sophia over to talk about the

really envy you. Your son is so

Pearl let out a low cry of

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