Time Travel to Become Your Sweetheart

Chapter 124 Poach the Employees

Early Monday morning...

Jane put on her professional suit and wore a ponytail. She put on light makeup and headed straight for the jewelry company that she had recently taken over.

It was her decision to merge the two companies and focus on branding. Even in the face of obstruction from company executives, Jane would not change her mind.

It was her jewelry company, so it was her decision how to operate the company.

The jewelry company was in the prime location of the city.

"Mommy, is this your company?"

This was the first time Dayton accompanied Jane to work. He knew that he should disturb her when she was at work, so he only did his homework in the office.


Jane led her son and walked in gracefully on her high heels.

Entering the door, Jane was dumbfounded.

She lowered her head and looked at her watch. It was already 8:30 in the morning. It was time for work, but there was no one at the front desk.

Jewelry companies operated differently from traditional companies, especially in the design department. It was more flexible because of the nature of the work.

Some designers were inspired only at night, so the company didn't force them to work in the daytime.

But the reception was the image of the company. Receiving customers was an important job, but there was no one here.

On the first floor, the computer was turned off, and it was dead silent.

Jane walked into the elevator doubtfully and headed straight for the second floor, only to find that it was just like the first floor.

Walking to the third floor, Jane bumped into Jessica who was coming to work.

Jessica's expression was haggard, and there were black circles under her eyes.

Seeing Jane, Jessica greeted her listlessly, "Ms. Jane."

"Jessica, can you tell me what's going on?"

At present, there were only two people in the company. The fourth or fifth floor was where the jewelry master worked, and it was also quiet.

"Ms. Jane."

even uglier than crying, leaning against the wall and sitting on the marble

decision has been publicized within the company, causing dissatisfaction among many

would be a new line of products, so the employees naturally harbored

about operating independently. Considering the efficiency, she finally dropped the

to Jane, she did not want to hire useless employees. Therefore,

She didn't lead these employees from the beginning, so she needed more time to

someone from the Cart Group called

of the Cart Group was jewelry, and its brand had a higher market share than

the change in equity, the company

an employee of the Duncan Group, but now, when the CEO's wife was running the company, so they would think that the future of the

Inside the company, there was a rumor that the

Cart Group offered a doubled

the company looked like it was functioning well, while actually

The receptionists, sales, and the design team were all poached by the Cart

lesson Jane taught Daisy last time not enough? However, this was also good. A

tempted by money, but designers could not. The appreciation and



good to start over. Although this was a bit difficult, it was still faster

After she finished building a new team, it would only take her half the effort to get

"I won't leave!"

head with a flushed face. The Cart Group offered five times the salary, but

she was Jane's big

Group dared to go against her idol. It was

because of money. Moreover, Jane was not


drafts of the new products for Valentine's Day were also

cry. She hated the

but this was the first time she had seen

"Has the jewelry

to signal Jessica

had never encountered such a thing before, she

"No, they only poached the core staff of

Group didn't want to poach the jewelry makers, but that

a very strange

can still operate without these people. Just

Jane sat on her new desk in a good mood and planned to plant a

room inside was for Dayton. There was a bed, a sofa,

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