"Ms. Jane."

After tidying up, Carey stood at the door of Jane's office with a smile.

Carey knew that Frederic didn't like her, so she changed her target.

It was not a permanent solution to rely on others. Therefore, Carey should find a decent job in City J first.

"Come in!"

Turning her chair, Jane gestured to Carey to invite her to sit down.

She agreed to Frederic's request without hesitation.

The company needed people, so Jane agreed that Carey may enter, but she didn't say what Carey would do after she joined the company.

Jane had a basic understanding of Carey's situation. As a foot massager in the past, she was good at socializing.

Carey was good-looking, but her dressing was too vulgar, and her quality needed to be improved.

After talking for a few moments, it was time for Jane to grade Carey.

"Ms. Jane, what can I do in your company?"

Scratching her sleeve, Carey was very nervous. She had only primary school education, and she even didn't know how to use the computer until she went to the city.

"You can take Karlie's place for the time being. She is the receptionist in the company."

Carey was good-looking, but she couldn't do anything else except being a receptionist. However, she should change her ugly clothes into a business outfit during office hours.

"Ms. Jane, if you need anything, please give me your instructions."

Carey borrowed Karlie's clothes and took Karlie's place as the receptionist in the company.

In the meeting room, Jane held a meeting for Jessica and Karlie.

The whole design team quitted and they took away the latest designs, so the new jewelry of Only One was difficult to be put into production.

According to the original plan, the jewelry drawings would be prepared one month in advance, and then they would be handed over to the jewelry maker for proofing.

Such pieces of jewelry were finally produced in batches, so the quality of them was not the most important thing.

"Look at the screen. It's the new jewelry drawing."

had no time to redesign alone. In this case, she chose

beads, and these things could be made into bracelets or necklaces at will like what

whose design is

Jessica stood up excitedly. Crystals had become the main ingredients of affordable luxury jewelry. Unfortunately, some people liked to keep a low profile, so they preferred

a set of twelve zodiacs gold and silver pieces of jewelry to

their own zodiac, so they could choose whatever they


time, Karlie stood up excitedly. She suddenly felt that she

jewelry, the foundation and culture of the brand are more important. As for

stage. As the former chief designer of the fashion industry, it was inevitable that

Jane entered

changed her

but as a designer, she respected the creative work even if she was

Jane, I

Jane's design. She racked her brains to come up with the design, but Jane came up with a

preliminary design. You

out, motioning for Jessica

three days. Three days later, she wanted to see

than half of saleswomen had left, but it didn't matter. She

problem, but she

much about the zodiac. Instead, they like

design should not only accord with the taste of local young people but

the fusion of the

"You're right."

thinking was Jane's weakness, so a

could be the main designer, but she still needed a team to help her. Only in this way, she could make up

Jessica and Karlie. Jane specifically told them that if they

Jane had been busy all day

to the apartment, Dayton

me give you a

much strength, but he was massaging

"Thank you, Dayton."

lying on the sofa for five

adapted to the life of a rich wife, so she felt very tired

her eyebrows, Jane looked

came to clean the house

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"Dayton, do you want to eat hotpot

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