Jane pinched her face and found that she lost weight again.

Her weight was under 50kg during these days when Colin had been unconscious.

Colin always said that a skinny person wouldn't be lucky enough.

And Jane thought Collin had a point.

William and Jane hadn't seen each other for a few days. William looked gaunt. His eyes were cold even in the light.

He seldom laughed and always remained calm. Sometimes he just curled his lips.

William left the top button of his shirt undone, and his chin was covered in thin beards.

"Mr. William, did you eat on time?"

Jane addressed him as Mr. William, pretending to be serious.

"I forgot ... the breakfast."

Hearing Jane's words, William realized that he hadn't slept all night. Last night, he seemed to have a stomachache.

He looked for the small bag he had with him and took out a biscuit made by Jane.

"Didn't Todd remind you to eat?"

Jane was furious. How could William take care of his grandfather if he couldn't take care of himself?

She was annoyed for a while and then realized that she cared about him very much.

Jane was puzzled. She didn't need to be so worried about him. After all, they were just a couple in the name.

"He did."

After William made the video call, he felt a little regretful. He told himself that he made the call not to see Jane but his son.

"I take Dayton to the jewelry company these two days. Dayton is doing his homework in the lounge."

Speaking of her son, Jane became a little talkative.

She kept talking but didn't get it straight. She just didn't dare to ask about Colin's situation.

Jane was fear from the bottom of her heart. She was worried that if something bad happened, she could not accept it.

William kept talking with Jane. She asked, and then he answered.

They went on this kind of conversation for fifteen minutes. Jane finally stopped talking about trivial things. She clenched her hands tightly with a nervous look.

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According to the doctor's estimate, the operation would take four hours if things went well. If things became complicated, it would take

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stood up nervously and opened the

fruits prepared by Lainey in the fridge,

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this way, she could relieve her tension

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"Cigar, Cigar!"

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"I know."

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