Chapter 416 

In the hospital cafeteria. Sherri was interrogating Rose like the latter was a criminal, although her tone was not harsh. They had ordered a pizza, which was already on the table. 

One of them folded her arms. Another was fiddling with the pizza, looking unconcerned. 

The third woman looked guilty, casting glances at the pizza repeatedly. Unable to withstand her hunger, she caved in. “All right, it’s my fault, okay? I don’t intend to hide it from you. I just don’t know how to tell you I have to eat my words.” 

When Sherri tried to introduce Rose to her brother, she remembered that Rose told her Edward was not her type. 

Although Natalie knew the truth, she did not want to spill the beans. Otherwise, she might be implicated even further and would be the one being questioned. “Are you going to eat? The pizza is already cold. Can we talk as we eat?” 

Sherri glared at Natalie. “Are you all right? She’s seeing a man behind our back. To make matters worse, the man she’s dating is my brother. To think that I was disappointed for days when I found out that Edward had fallen for another woman, 

Natalie took a bite of the pizza. It was very hot. She quickly waved her hand in front of her mouth, causing a slight gentle current of air to enter her mouth to cool it down. When she finally swallowed her food, she quipped, “Well, the man in question your brother, not Hackett.” 

Natalie shuddered when she saw how hard Sherri rolled her eyes. 

She continued, “It’s fine if you don’t want to eat. What’s wrong with Rose dating your brother? Are you happy or upset about it? Don’t sprout any other nonsense.” 

Natalie continued eating and offered them some napkins for the pizza. “Hurry up and cat.” 

Sherri looked at Natalie and reminded her, “Hey, you’re pregnant. You’re not in conlinement.” 

Natalie retorted, “Ma’am, I’m having twins, not one child. Are you trying to starve me to death?” 

“I won’t dare. Go ahead and eat as much as you wish. Come on, tell me what happened between you and my brother. At least let me know if the air tickets are worth my money.” 

Sherri took a slice of pizza and started eating 

Rose was starving. She took a bite of the pizza and replied, “What do you think? You’re the one who hooked us up. You can’t blame me. Initially, I do like your brother, but I wasn’t sure if he likes me. Besides, you were the one who told me that Edward likes another woman You even said that he has a gulfriend. Do 1 look like a home wrecker to you? 

“How can I break up your brother and that imaginary girlfriend? Although I later found out that the person your brother likes is me, I didn’t know anything before this. No one in the Roberts family will want to be a third party. That’s why I told you he is not my type.” 

Sherri scoffed inwardly. “Which family will teach their kids to be a third party? The Landor family also has our principles.” 

She was momentarily at a loss for words. It was her own doing that she almost lost Rose as a sister-in-law. Thinking back about the silly things she had done in the past, she hung her head low in embarrassment. 

Natalie burst out laughing when she heard the conversation. “If your brother hadn’t succeeded in getting together with Rose, you would have been a great sinner. You have let your family down.” 

Sherri was stumped. 

Rose assured her, “It’s fine. It’ 

successfully hooked us up now? It’s true that I developed feelings for

laughed so heartily that her shoulders shook. She said to the dumbfounded Sherri, “Let’s

She looked at Rose with an inquisitive expression. “Rose, how far have you gone with

was dumbfounded. “Hey, we’ve just started dating. Do you think we progress at

kissing sign with both hands and asked, “Have you tried this? How does

already kissed each other. After all, it was natural for a couple to kiss. They could not possibly just sit around and chat with each other. “Are you crazy? If you have nothing

today?” Sherri cast a sidelong glance at Natalie, indicating

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immediately cut Rose off. She had gone through so much trouble to

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such inauspicious things. You have a sweet tongue. Try to say more pleasant stuff. For example, tell us how many children you plan

incredulously. “Do you think I am very fertile?”

how Sherri would react to their relationship. She was right not to

laughed out loud. She was

she cared about would have the happiness they deserved.

go back to the Landor residence that night to tell her mother the

her mind. 

sent Ava to her class

them walked hand in hand into the school. Frank nodded at

Now that she was walking hand in hand with a man publicly, it inevitably attracted a lot of attention. Some girls never had the luck of being

Frank did not care too. Both of them were very similar

knew if something was good or if she liked someone.

she cared about, other people were insignificant to her. She could not care less

Frank and Ava walked toward the classroom. “Frank, do you know the security guard?”

friends with him after

Frank and whispered, “Frank, tell

sense anything amiss and replied offhandedly, “Success often requires hard.

in the corridor. She lowered her head with her hands clasped behind her back. Feeling joyful, her feet rhythmically tapped on the ground from

waited patiently for her fiancé.

I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

was heard from behind. Ava stopped what she was doing and turned around. When she saw the

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there, but Ava did not say anything. Hence, he offered the information voluntarily. “Ava, I’ve transferred to Sapphire City University. Ever since I lost the friendly match, I am beginning to think that Sapphire City

react with any emotion to the news. Neither did

else. Just then, he saw a roguishly handsome man walk out of the male washroom. He looked as if

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