Chapter 36 

Fifteen minutes later. 

The manager brought the waiter and personally brought the dishes in with a smile. 

Sherri thought to herself, “As expected, the appearance of rich people is really different. Even the manager personally came to serve the dishes. Usually, if I have something to say to the manager, he will have to be arrogant and rush over slowly.” 

Then, the manager would ask in a formal manner, “What happened?” 

Halfway through the dishes, the manager was signaled by Frank to leave. 

Sherri was famished. She picked up the fork and took a bite of the dish. The taste hit her taste buds, and she felt that the taste was very familiar. Why did… Sherri didn’t hide her thoughts at all. “Natalie, quickly try this dish. Why does it taste similar to what you made?” 

Natalie half-believingly picked up the food Sherri placed in front of her chest. Her hand that was holding the fork paused. It was exactly the same. 

However, after a while, Natalie calmed down and did not find it strange. Her culinary skills were taught by the two servants, and some of them were taught by her grandfather. Moreover, her mother cooked the same like them. Perhaps the chef and the two servants were from the same hometown. 

There were more than one or two people who knew how to cook such dishes. 

The dishes cooked by the people in the same place tasted the same, so the spices used were the same. 

Sherri really wanted to confirm her thoughts. She, who was eager for an answer, kept staring at Natalie. “Is it the same?” 

Natalie nodded frankly. “Yes, we used the same spice.” 

Trevon’s slender fingers picked up the fork in front of him and put some on the plate to taste. 

Trevon had eaten a meal Natalie had cooked. It suited his taste very well, so it was still fresh in his mind. 

Chapter 36 

It was indeed exactly the same, but Trevon still felt that Natalie’s cooking. suited his taste. 

Trevon put down the fork and turned to ask Frank, “The chef for Grand Manor has changed?” 

Trevon remembered that the food of the previous chef was not like that. Instead, it was the heavy flavor. 

Frank felt that Trevon was really picky. He knew that it was a new chef’s cooking with just one dish. “No, the original chef is also here, but the new chef cooked this table of food today. I just wanted to let you taste it.” 

Sherri understood what Frank meant and exclaimed, “Grand Manor was opened by you.” Sherri suddenly raised her voice. 

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Chapter 36 

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The dinner ended. 

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Chapter 16 

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