Chapter 35 

Natalie and Trevon put on braces. Natalie made a standard etiquette gesture before the battle. 

Natalie wanted to end this quickly. “Come on. Don’t waste time.” 

“You talk big. Don’t cry later 

Natalie gave Trevon a disdainful look and directly threw a punch at him. The punch was fast. The wind in the air brought it to the bridge of Trevon’s nose, and he dodged it agilely. 

Natalie was extremely fast, and each punch was more ruthless than the last. Natalie attacked every vital point on Trevon’s body. Those who didn’t know better would think that Natalie was trying to murder her husband. 

One punch after another was about to land on Trevon, but Trevon easily dodged them. Natalie knew very well that Trevon did not punch her because he was consuming Natalie’s stamina. 

When Natalie sensed Trevon’s intentions, the devoted her curled into a bloodthirsty smile. “Mr. Wilson, that’s boring. You’re the one who wants me to box with you, but you are the one who doesn’t punch. Are you trying to play with me?” 

This was the real Natalie. 

Such Natalie was full of sharp edges and thorns. 

However, compared to being respectful to each other, Trevon preferred Natalie to be like this. 

Natalie was very smart and had discovered Trevon’s intentions so quickly. In fact, Trevon did not want to fight Natalie. Trevon just wanted to test her foundation and endurance. 

If Trevon still didn’t throw a punch after being seen through, with her current situation, Natalie would probably jump off the stage directly and leave without looking back. 

Below the stage, Hackett was curious. “Why aren’t they fighting anymore?” 

Frank explained, “Mr. Wilson didn’t throw a punch. Your crush is a little 


Chapter 35 

“Don’t fucking trick me again. I still have to recuperate for more than half a month.” Hackett didn’t want to be dragged along and beaten up again later. 

They seemed to be negotiating on stage. Bored, Hackett turned his gaze to Sherri. “Miss Landor, your mouth recovered so quickly.” 

did not reply to Hackett. Instead, Sherri rolled her eyes

spar on

dull punch at Natalie. His speed

raised her leg and swept it horizontally. Natalie attacked

she was kicked hard.

This woman was really

was afraid that she would see through him for restraining his strength too much.

did not rub her chest. Instead, she continued to fight Trevon like a wolf. She waved her fists left and

An hour later. 

exhausted. The audience below the stage was shocked. No one expected that after they fought for an hour, the winner was still

a little ambiguous. Trevon sat on top of Natalie, controlling her to raise both hands above her head with one hand and leaning over with the other on one side. He lowered his head to look at her. How stubborn. Why was she

Jim coughed lightly. “Um, Mr. Roberts, Mr. Blackwell, let’s go to the hotel

Chapter 35 


seat got up and left. Frank pulled Hackett

Sherri. “Let’s go. Miss Landor, Mr. Wilson

just now. Why doesn’t Mr. Wilson have any pity for women? Although Natalie is good at fighting, she’s a woman. No wonder people say that Mr. Wilson is heartless.” Sherri was very

sat in the front passenger seat of Sherri and explained, “Fists have no eyes. You saw how serious Mrs. Wilson was just now. Besides, with Mrs. Wilson’s personality, you know better than us that if Mr. Wilson let her win

not accept fake punches. Jim had seen it clearly on the stage just now. Natalie was angry when

and was unable to refute it. Indeed, Natalie was such a person. She could calmly accept winning and losing. After she left the stage, she would strengthen herself and find her shortcomings. However, she definitely

righteousness that

the department of medicine at university, the surgery department class held a stitching competition. That

defeat. My skills are inferior, so

really wasn’t just saying

pig skins and oranges every day to practice her hand speed and stitches. She wanted to do it beautifully and fast.

and forgot to eat

Club boxing ring, Natalie was still struggling. She exerted

Chapter 35 

and kneed Trevon’s tailbone with one leg.

pain made Trevon fall on top of Natalie,

each other. Natalie, who was about to push Trevon away, realized that she could not move at all. The problem was that this man had no intention of getting up.

tighter against hers. Trevon’s tongue slowly pried open her teeth, preparing to enter. Realizing this, Natalie widened her eyes and looked at the man who was going crazy in front

closed his eyes and

went from a light taste at the beginning to a

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