Chapter 34 

Sherri was in a good mood after finishing her big task. She hummed a song and went to find Natalie to get off work together. 

“Why did you get off work so quickly today? You’ve already changed your clothes. What are you going to do? Are you going on a date with Mr. Wilson?” Sherri had a curious look on her face. 

Natalie knew Sherri was used to gossiping. Natalie raised her eyebrows. and asked, “Mr. Wilson asked me to box with him. Are you going?” 

“The way the two of you promote your relationship is really special. When other couples are on a date, they will go for a candlelight dinner. The two of you are actually fighting to the death and torturing each other.” Sherri could not help but sigh. Trevon was really not someone ordinary people could bear to be with. He was too special. 

As Sherri spoke, Natalie took her phone and put it in her pocket. “So much nonsense. Are you going or not?” 

“Yes, of course. I want to see how you were defeated by Mr. Wilson.” 

Natalie couldn’t be bothered to say another word to Sherri. She called Jim directly. “Hello, Mr. Hawk.” 

“Mrs. Wilson, what’s the matter?” Jim, who was on the way to pick up Natalie, glanced at the man in the backseat. 

When Jim called Mrs. Wilson, the man slowly opened his eyes. 

No one knew what Natalie said, but Jim said directly, “Okay, Mrs. Wilson, it’s Lithern Club.” 

After Jim hung up, Trevon maintained his silence and did not ask what was going on. 

“Mr. Wilson, Mrs. Wilson told us not to pick her up. Miss Landor will send her over. We’ll go over directly.” After saying that, Jim carefully observed Trevon’s expression. As expected, it darkened a little. 

It turned out that Trevon wanted to pick up Natalie, but Sherri intercepted him. 

Actually, there were three reasons why Natalie did not want Trevon to pick her up. Firstly, Natalie was afraid that if the people in the hospital. saw them, it would affect her reputation. There would be too many 

Chapter 34 

people, and they might say something about Natalie being a kept woman. Secondly, they would get a divorce in the next two months. There was no need to get Trevon to pick her up and cause unnecessary 

misunderstandings. Thirdly, Natalie was really not used to staying in the same space as Trevon. 

Ever since they returned from the Wilson’s residence last night, Natalie. realized that Trevon’s attitude toward her did not seem to be as sarcastic 

as before. 

the Lithern Club

obediently. Even if the car in front of hers drove at 20 kilometers per hour, Sherri would still follow them. Sherri did not know how to overtake. Natalie was anxious when

elevator in the underground garage. Lithern

It was dark, and the lights were not turned on. “Natalie, why do I feel a trace of fear? My scalp is

put her arm around Sherri’s shoulders and patted Sherri gently. “What are you afraid of? I’m here. Look! The light in the room on the left on the second floor

didn’t invite Natalie here for murder but

took Natalie’s arm and followed her

boxing arena. After entering, Natalie saw a boxing glove rack at 6 feet. There were all kinds

the four major families. However, when she saw this collection, she could not help but

out. Didn’t Trevon say that he had an appointment to box? Trevon asked Frank to vacate the

Chapter 34 

was Natalie

going to play at? Why did Trevon find Natalie to watch his

by this shelf of boxing gloves as if she had seen rare treasures. She did not notice the difference in the two men’s gazes at

was good at boxing too.

pulled Hackett back. “If you don’t want

unhappy. Why could Frank stand so close to Natalie, but he had to be so

you’ve always wanted to buy? I saw the photo you showed me and

and looked at it carefully, but she quickly put

Natalie still looked at it a

after a long time. During this period, he even used a little trick. He cherished it very much and usually did not let Hackett touch it.

wearing a black suit as usual. Two buttons on his white. shirt were unbuttoned, and the collar was casually unbuttoned, revealing his slender and cold neck. The suit was flat without a trace

reluctance to part with the helmet. From her eyes, Trevon could tell that she liked

didn’t like bags or clothes but liked helmets, motorcycles, and

was really interesting. Natalie was not as coy and pretentious as ordinary young

Chapter 34 

at the helmet just now, but she had also tried on the

and aggressive woman resist the

Wilson, where’s the person accompanying you to box? Why isn’t

and looked at Hackett in disdain. “Go get an

Hackett was stunned. 

Sherri turned to

first. “How do we fight?”

the woman who was on the stage and had a competitive look on her face. “It’s up to you. I can use one

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