Chapter 33 

At lunch break. 

In the dormitory on duty, Natalie and Sherri were chatting on the bed. 

Sherri turned to look at Natalie. “Hey, how do you feel about going to the Wilson’s residence for the first time yesterday?” 

“It’s big, luxury, and filled with lots of people.” That was the most Natalie could encapsulate. 

“What? That’s all? Nothing special happened after you stayed for a night. For example, how did Mr. and Mrs. Wilson treat you?” This question hit the nail on the head. 

“I haven’t seen Mr. Wilson who I’ve never met before. He’s on a business. trip. As for what kind of attitude do you think Mrs. Wilson has toward me? Mrs. Wilson only said ‘yes’ to me the entire time. However, I want to ask you something. How much do you know about Mrs. Wilson?” Natalie had a little desire to explore this powerful woman. 

Sherri was not surprised by Rachel’s attitude toward Natalie. Rachel was originally a noble young lady from a wealthy family, and Trevon was her only son. As a mother, of course, Rachel hoped her son to marry a woman who would help his career. Moreover, this marriage was forced by Theo. It was not voluntary. 

Sherri told Natalie everything she knew. “You’re talking about Mrs. Rachel, right? She’s the only daughter of the Yates family in Athana. There is no son in the Yates family, and Mrs. Rachel is the only child. Although the Yates family can’t be ranked among the four great families, it is number one family except for these four. Moreover. I heard those who have interacted with Mrs. Rachel say that her methods are very similar to Mr. Trevon’s. Some even say that Mr. Trevon was taught. personally by Mrs. Rachel. In the entire Wilson family, other than Theo, even Mr. Trevon’s father is not as prestigious as her.” 

Natalie could see Rachel’s powerful aura, but she didn’t have any prestige yet. After all, Rachel was the one who was busy in the kitchen yesterday. 

What was going on? Had the rumors been misled? 

Natalie suddenly thought of something. “By the way, let me tell you a coincidence. You should be interested.” 

Chapter 33 

This time, Sherri became excited. She was so excited that her heart skipped a beat. Sherri looked at Natalie eagerly, indicating that she was ready. 

Natalie chuckled. “I’m just talking about something. Why are you so agitated? Guess who I saw at the Wilson’s residence yesterday?” 

Sherri shook her head repeatedly. She couldn’t guess that Natalie would meet someone she knew in the Wilson’s residence. Because no matter what Sherri thought about it, there was no one who Natalie knew while she didn’t know. 

Sherri urged Natalie, “Hurry up and say it. I’m interested.” 

“It’s Emily. Are you surprised? I didn’t expect to meet her in the Wilson family on my first trip. It’s really an ill-fated relationship. I can’t avoid it.” 

“Oh my god, how did someone like her get into the Wilson’s residence? Did she climb in?” 

“She walked in openly on two legs, but she suffered last night and didn’t say a word. When she saw me, it was as if a rat had seen a cat.” 

After all, it was the Wilson family. Emily was more or less restrained and had to pretend not to know Natalie. Sherri could easily guess how Emily got in. “Then who did she go in with?” The Wilson family should know their limits. No one would bring such a woman in during a gathering unless…” 

on Sherri, and she shouted, “Max! Damn, could she be so cheap as

Sherri a thumbs up. “Sherri, you’re so smart. It’s that

a playboy?” Could it be Trevon who told Natalie

on bad terms? They shouldn’t be so

“That fool came to look for me this morning and registered for a consultation. The way he dressed was just short of the words ‘I’m going to be horny’ written on his forehead.”

all, Mr.

Chapter 33 

afraid he’s crazy. Isn’t he afraid that Mr. Wilson will beat him to death? You didn’t suggest that he go to

suggest it, but when I saw him, I didn’t

lingering fear at the thought of that popinjay’s fetish of playing with women. Before Sherri’s brother left the country, he repeatedly

I think you should tell Mr. Wilson about this. What if something happens?

said, “Don’t worry.

not as skilled as Natalie, he was a member of the Wilson family after all. How many dirty tricks

at the entrance of the hospital was already covered in water.

off work. Sherri felt uneasy. After thinking about it again and again, Sherri still decided to tell Trevon about this. No matter what, Natalie was Trevon’s wife. Trevon shouldn’t be so cold that he would ignore Natalie being harassed by his younger brother during

would that be?

Trevon. If Trevon ignored it, Sherri would think of a way

be in danger. Natalie

Sherri texted.

drinking coffee with Frank. Hackett came early because Trevon said that he would come and box at night.

Chapter 33 

Hackett reached out his hand

a message from

dared to send Hackett a message. If Sherri hadn’t exaggerated and tricked Hackett last time, would Trevon have beaten Hackett

threw the phone back on the table and chose to

said casually, “Because you can’t sleep with

noble young lady of the Landor family. Do I dare

Hackett was afraid of being taught a lesson. by the

asked casually, “Why is she looking for Mr. Wilson? Isn’t she Miss. Foster’s best friend? She can ask Miss Foster

call came. Hackett rejected it without

tried again and

if you don’t pick up now and something happens to Natalie, let’s see

who had always been sharp, could hear the anxiety in Miss Landor’s

scared Hackett. Hackett quickly

nonsense with Hackett. She said directly, “Hurry up and give me Mr. Wilson’s number. Something might happen. to Natalie.”

replied, “He’ll come over tonight. Tell me, and I’ll tell him

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