Chapter 32 

The thunderstorm, the wind, and the rain suddenly arrived. Big raindrops landed on the window, making a crackling sound. It was especially clear in the quiet morning. 

The trees in the villa area swayed in the wind. The rain was very heavy, and the sky seemed to have been pierced with a hole. The rain had no intention of stopping. 

Natalie had slept too early last night and woke up at 4:30 am. It seemed like she could not ride to the hospital today. 

It was impossible to hail a cab in this heavy rain. 

Natalie, who prioritized breakfast, didn’t think too much about hailing a cab. She got out of bed, walked into the bathroom to wash up, and went downstairs to make breakfast. 

Natalie had slept early last night and had not eaten supper. She was woken up by hunger. She planned to make a steak, a sandwich, and a cup of coffee. 

Trevon had been in the army for a long time and was very sensitive. He woke up the moment Natalie went downstairs. He pulled open the curtains and took a look. The rain outside the window was pouring. He could not help but frown. 

Trevon didn’t like rainy days. Not only did he need to hold an umbrella, but the roads were also especially congested. 

Trevon basically didn’t drive on rainy days. 

Just as Natalie was seriously cooking the delicacies and smelling the smell overflowing from the frying pan, the man’s low and hoarse voice sounded, “Fry one for me too. I’d like it medium.” 

The sudden voice startled Natalie. “Oh my god!” She even threw the spatula on the ground. 

However, Trevon leaned against the door frame calmly. “When did become so timid? Haven’t you always been quite bold?” 


Fighting and winning a man was not a problem. The scene of Natalie hitting someone that day was still vivid in Trevon’s mind. Natalie was quick and ruthless. She still broke the opponent’s bones even when the 

Chapter 32 

opponent had already fallen to the ground. 

It was impossible to tell how Natalie was timid. Why was she so afraid that even the shovel fell to the ground? 

Natalie glared at Trevon angrily. “Try making a sound suddenly again.” 

Trevon walked without making any sound, yet he blamed Natalie for being timid. Trevon was such a madman. 

“Alright, I was wrong. I’m sorry.” 

Natalie suddenly turned her head around and sized Trevon up from head to toe. Was this person crazy? He actually apologized? 

Was Trevon alright? 

After they returned from the Wilson’s residence yesterday, their relationship seemed to have changed, but at the same time, nothing seemed to have changed. 

Looking at Natalie’s incredulous expression, Trevon was displeased. “Natalie, are you being cheap and can’t stand others treating you well, or do you have a special fetish that likes people to scold you?” 

crazy. You like it when people scold you.”

longer had her guard and mask on. This should

wouldn’t let it go. Besides, she did not

being scolded by Natalie, Trevon smiled and even looked very

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steak was fried very well.

glanced up at Natalie and said hoarsely,

proud. “Mr. Wilson, you admit that my food is

“It’s alright” 

Chapter 32 

thought her food was very delicious, but he

learning from them when I was 10 years old. As for

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mouth of Trevon. Nothing

hear good things from Trevon.

I would choke until my tears flowed. My hands were covered in blisters from the oil. However, later on, I realized that I felt a sense of accomplishment. after every dish was cooked, so I slowly fell in love with cooking.” The process was very difficult, but when they saw the results that they were satisfied with, they would be overjoyed


said that every time she delivered a child, the pregnant women would be in so much pain that they would die. They even said that they would not give birth to

a few years later, they would still have two or three children and completely forget the pain when they gave birth to their first child.

worried about your hands covered with. blisters from the oil.

person who can’t do anything.” Natalie’s

Other than her mother and grandfather, no one else in the world would treat Natalie so well and love her so

“Let’s eat.” 

Chapter 32 

finished speaking, he seemed to have thought of something. “You

Natalie looked up. “How

not answer Natalie’s question. Natalie’s answer already showed that she knew how to do it. Instead of answering, Natalie asked, “What level are you at in mixed

not reveal everything and only said simply, “It’s

she was at least at the 9th level in the black belt. Trevon didn’t believe


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It was an order, not

to say that she was at work at

today. You’ll get off work at 4:30. I’ll pick you up. Hurry up. Aren’t you afraid of being late? The traffic is very congested.” Trevon, who had already finished breakfast, got

sandwich and asked vaguely with her


“No charge, right?” 

want to, you

indeed a little late. Natalie was too focused on chatting. She quickly took her sandwich and changed her shoes as she ate. She took her umbrella and shouted at

Trevon say he was sending Natalie off? But why

Trevon heard this, his lips

phone and sent a message to Jim. “You don’t

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