Chapter 31 

Forty-five minutes later. 

At Adare Manor. 

Natalie had been pretending to be a noble young lady for the entire day and was physically and mentally exhausted. She got out of the car as soon as it stopped in front of the house and did not take her bag. 

Natalie just wanted to wash up and go to bed. 

Behind Natalie, Trevon’s voice sounded, “You don’t like bags.” It wasn’t a question, but an affirmation. 

Trevon realized that this woman never had the habit of carrying her bag with her when she went out. Trevon seriously doubted if she had a bag. The phone and keys were always taken out of her pocket. 

Now was like that case. Trevon had clearly bought Natalie a bag, but when Natalie got out of the car, she directly put her phone in her pocket. 

It seemed that Natalie didn’t know she had a bag at all. 

“I’m not used to taking a bag.” Natalie was really not used to taking a bag. Besides, there was nothing to put into the bag. She could take tissues and a phone in her pockets. Why did she have to go through so much trouble? 

Trevon was surprised. Was Natalie a normal woman? Didn’t all women. like bags? 

Trevon did not force Natalie to take a bag every day, but since he had bought it for her, he hoped that she would keep it. “It’s up to you. Take this.” 

Natalie refused. “Mr. Wilson, I’ll bring the clothes on me to the dry cleaner tomorrow to wash them for you. If you want to calculate it for a day’s expenses, it will be fine. You can calculate it and tell me. I’ll transfer it to Mr. Hawk.” That was right. It was quite good to settle the accounts with Natalie. 

When Jim was called, he was very puzzled. So, Trevon and Natalie were that clear about money? Then what about the previous 14 dollars? 

Trevon’s grip on the bag tightened slightly, and his eyebrows twitched in anger. “Will you let me wear the clothes after you’re done washing up? 

Chapter 31 

Can I wear your shoes, or do you think this bag suit me?” 

Jim couldn’t help but burst out laughing. 

Jim gloated. It was all because Trevon set the premarital agreement for three months. It would be strange if Natalie didn’t settle the accounts with. Trevon. 

Trevon turned around and gave Jim a bone-chilling look. 

quickly turned around and stepped

on second thought, that was not right. With Trevon’s wealth, how could Trevon let his future wife use what Natalie

Natalie, looking like he wanted to beat Natalie up. Finally, Trevon restrained himself and said, “Consider it your

these things.” Natalie was. referring to

study.” Trevon did not want

it and decided to keep them. Next time, she would not have to buy a dress

locked herself in her room to vent her anger. Everyone downstairs could hear the sound of things being smashed, scaring the servants downstairs.

she disliked everyone. Someone would definitely suffer. The servants were afraid that Emily would vent her anger on

At night, Emily asked a servant to prepare dinner. However, because Emily was in a bad mood, she found trouble with that servant and directly threw the basin at that servant’s face. A long scar appeared

was ugly with that scar

Chapter 31 

throw that servant on the road and throw it along with

be said that Emily was very ruthless.

Emily put on her shoes and tripped her feet. In the end, the servant was kicked half to death. Emily even made that servant kneel in front of her door for a night.

also Elena who used the money to

these things, the servants felt a chill run down their spines.

were afraid that they would be the next to




heart was in her throat, but she

decorations, clothes, blankets, and pillows were all on

mentality had always been very

Harry saw this scene, Elena would be implicated and scolded. “Didn’t you go

curtain. Her face was livid, and her facial features were already distorted. Her face was

did not know how lucky Natalie was to

wearing that night cost 12 thousand dollars, the bag cost 72 thousand dollars, and

Chapter 31 

in our shop. If you’re going to buy it, I can take it down. If you’re just taking it for a closer look, then I’m sorry, Miss. We clearly stipulated that no one is allowed to touch it. If there are traces of you on the

feet. When Emily entered, she had already seen the price. After seeing the balance on the card. Emily did not dare to buy it. She had to leave some money for

it was even the top

“I don’t know either. I heard from your dad that she’s married. It’s Barron who decided on this marriage. Your dad heard from

accident. Harry tried to find Natalie’s residence, so he went to the

two servants said that Natalie was already married. It was Barron who decided on this marriage.

and never be married, afraid that her husband would take over the inheritance of the Foster family. However, only then did Harry realize that

married Trevon! It’s Trevon Wilson, the

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