Chapter 29 

Theo sat in the chair, his weathered and wrinkled hands delicately grasping the cup of coffee as he took a sip. He slowly lifted his gaze and turned to his grandson Trevon, who was seated across the table. “You’ve spent half a month together. What are your thoughts on Natalie now? Is she a calculating girl that you think?” 

Theo had also served in the army during his youth, and he could keenly discern the change in his grandson’s eyes. 

It seemed that conflicting emotions churned inside him now. 

Theo wished to advise Trevon, so he devised an excuse to have the butler take Natalie around the Wilson’s old residence. 

Trevon pursed his lips, choosing not to answer the question. 

But Theo couldn’t let him off so quickly. He glanced at his grandson and said, “Don’t think I don’t know that you coerced Natalie into signing a three-month agreement. 

“You don’t need to look at me like that. Neither Natalie nor Jim informed. me about that. I have my own ways of finding out. As your grandfather, I fear your inherent suspicion may make you regret it later. Natalie is truly a good girl. Even those ladies born into wealth can’t match her.” 

Trevon felt his grandfather was exaggerating. “Are you so certain she has no ulterior motives?” 

Theo let out a sigh. “Oh, my dear boy, you’ve spent too much time in the army. You tend to scrutinize everyone, but not everyone is as complicated as you think. You can delve into her past with your methods, but I don’t want you to end up comprehending her in that manner. Do you think she willingly married you?” 

“So, is it not her own will to marry me?” Trevon thought. 

Theo’s words inevitably disturbed Trevon’s mind. 

Theo earnestly continued, “Oh, Trevon, you want to know why I compelled you to marry her, right? You don’t want to yield because you think I arranged your marriage. Do you really believe that I’m now old 

and confused? 

“You’re too clever for your own good, but you’re fooled by your 

Chapter 29 

intelligence this time. I fear you won’t let go of your preconceptions. about Natalie if I don’t tell you everything today. 

families existed. With a wild ambition, upon leaving the military, I intended to embark on my own business ventures. I journeyed across the breadth of the land, accompanied by your grandmother, while your granduncle pursued his studies in college. We were not well off at that time. Once, a scheming third party undermined my collaboration with a company. They sought to intercept the collaboration, dispatching thugs to kill me. In the ensuing

his eyes grew misty, and

and continued, “However, fortune smiled upon us when we chanced upon Barron, a lover of deep-sea fishing. Don’t underestimate the Foster family. Before the Wilson family rose, the Foster family occupied a position of influence back then. It was all after Barron’s son took over the Foster family, and the Foster family gradually declined. After being saved by Barron, he and his wife visited us occasionally and even helped me as a middleman between business transactions. With Barron’s assistance, our path grew smoother slowly. He initially provided me with the necessary funds without asking for any returns. I expressed heartfelt gratitude and made him

father and received her education under Barron’s guidance. With the nurturing provided by Barron’s kind-heartedness, she cannot be a calculating girl. There are numerous qualities about her that you remain unaware of. I implore you not to be blinded by the superficiality or view her through tinted glasses.

claim were true, then without Barron, the Wilson family wouldn’t exist today, and there was nothing logically flawed about that.

Chapter 29 

family a success, so in some sense, Natalie was the benefactor of the Wilson family.

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was the second time in his adult life that his grandfather openly engaged in a long conversation with Trevon. The first occasion occurred. when

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wonder Natalie didn’t hesitate to sign the premarital agreement

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Theo’s brother. He was accompanied by his son. Ted Wilson, Trevon’s uncle, his daughter-in-law Peggy Wilson

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he’s so handsome. No wonder numerous women in Athana aspire to marry

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offered a nod and uttered,

Chapter 99 outside.” 

the Wilson family’s maid and housekeeper, Mary, scurried toward Trevon, respectfully

Mrs. Wilson. Look, he already missed her so much after not seeing

in a hushed tone, “Yes. Where is she

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She turned her head gracefully towards

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