Chapter 28 

The next day, Natalie slept soundly through the night until around 3 PM, when she finally woke up. 

Simultaneously, a gentle knock resounded on the door, and Jim stood outside the door with a sense of unease, tapping the door lightly. 

Trevon was still attending a meeting and expected to return within half an hour. Tonight, there was to be a dinner party at the Wilson’s old residence, and Mr. Wilson had requested Jim to come to the Adare Manor and bring clothes and shoes for Natalie. 

The dinner party’s protocol dictated that the younger generation should not arrive at the designated hour but rather a few hours earlier. 

In this case, they could spend more time fostering relationships. 

After two rounds of knocking, there was still no response, and just as Jim. was about to knock for a third time, the door swung open. 

With messy hair and still in a drowsy state, Natalie had just woken up. Luckily, she was wearing modest pajamas. 

She glanced at Jim, who was holding several gift sets and rubbed her eyes, wondering why he had brought them. 

She had completely forgotten her commitment to Trevon to accompany him to the Wilson’s old residence today. 

Jim proceeded to speak. “Mrs. Wilson, you can take these. You can try them on later to see if they fit.” 

Natalie, wearing a perplexed expression, asked, “Mr. Hawk, why are you giving these to me? Did Mr. Wilson prepare these? Is there a party tonight?” 

Jim thought, “So it seems that Mrs. Wilson actually doesn’t attach much importance to tonight’s event.” He really didn’t understand what made Trevon think that Natalie was trying to pester him, and Trevon even deliberately created a month-long trending topic on the internet. It would still be hotly discussed online if not for Theo’s intervention. 

Jim patiently explained, “Mrs. Wilson, this evening, both you and Mr. Wilson are expected to return to the Wilson’s old residence for the dinner party. Don’t you remember?” He cautiously added those last words. 


Even though Natalie’s face revealed complete forgetfulness, Jim felt compelled to inquire further. 

Natalie responded without reservation, “Ah, I forgot. Can I skip this one?” 

Internally, Jim gave a thumbs up to Natalie since she was the first and only woman who refused to step foot into the Wilson’s old residence. However, he said, “I’m afraid that won’t be possible, Mrs. Wilson. Everyone in the Wilson family already knows that Mr. Wilson intends to bring you along to the Wilson’s old residence tonight.” The implication was clear, and she had to go. 

“Mrs. Wilson, dinner time at the Wilson’s old residence is 6 o’clock,” Jim reminded with the utmost care, sensing the need to reinforce the reminder. 

Because it was clear that Natalie simply didn’t care about this at all! 

“Is this really necessary to make such a grand affair out of a meal?”

chance for her to inquire about the deal her grandpa had

a tremendous sigh of relief and handed all the items to

she took them over, Natalie shut the door and proceeded


her in her hand, she had no desire to wear it

wearing dresses more than a few times a year.

she couldn’t even remember what kind of dresses she wore on those occasions.

her own purpose for visiting the Wilson’s old residence today, so she eventually donned the items Trevon

an hour later, she was fully dressed, complemented by a


Trevon intended it to make it difficult. Natalie

way down, Trevon was already seated on the

Trevon’s secretary group had already been very attractive, but Natalie was undoubtedly the

feathers make fine birds,” Jim thought, amazed. “This dress really makes Mrs. Wilson

the dress he

the soft and lustrous fabric, the bright lines of the dress

Trevon’s throat involuntarily bobbed up and down, his

this moment, he realized the exquisite beauty of Natalie’s body, particularly her slender waist

face and couldn’t help but feel a bit pleased. “Look, even Mr. Wilson is amazed by Mrs. Wilson’s beauty now,” he thought.

is here,” he exclaimed.

senses, he was captivated by Natalie’s beautiful face and perfect figure. To conceal his embarrassment, he clenched his hand into a fist near his mouth and cleared his throat. “Well, let’s get ready to depart. Bring me

purchased a hazy blue coat for Natalie, considering the slightly chilly weather

up her dress, Natalie inquired, “When do


moment, and then he slowly parted his lips. “In 15 minutes. Put on the coat first. It’s a

Trevon put the coat over her, giving Natalie the illusion that he really

just be afraid that I would embarrass. him at

immediately put on the coat. After all, she should take responsibility for her own body, and it was indeed warmer

to suit Natalie very well, and the hazy

brought for her, she inwardly declined, unwilling to risk a stumble within the Wilson’s

seen a single pair in the shoe closet. “Well, you may wear your own shoes for now. We can stop by a store later to purchase

shoes are too normal for the dinner party tonight?” Natalie thought. “Fine. After

the one footing the bill!

midway to the Wilson’s old residence, Trevon did not let Jim perfunctorily go and buy shoes for Natalie. Instead, he personally took her along to choose for herself. Opting for comfort, Natalie selected a pair of pristine white

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