Chapter 27 

At the Foster’s house. 

Emily had been fidgeting before the mirror, always finding herself dissatisfied with every single dress. 

Filled with anger, she threw all the clothes she was holding onto the bed. 

Elena walked in and witnessed the scene, asking her daughter with concern, “What’s wrong? Who has upset you?” 

It was Monday, and Elena’s son, Tucker, had gone to school, leaving only the maid, Elena herself, and Emily at home. Harry had also left for work early in the morning. 

Ever since Tucker was a child, he had been independent, insisting on attending boarding school since elementary years and only returning home once a week. 

Emily sat by the window with a discontented expression and said, “Mom, just look at those things. I don’t have any decent clothes. These are all last year’s styles. And to top it off, Dad has halved my allowance this month, so I can’t even afford to buy something nice.” 

Harry had cut back on the family’s expenses after his previous failure to get Barron’s inheritance. This action raised suspicions in Elena’s mind, prompting her to inquire through a confidential source within the company, only to know that a project invested by Harry failed, resulting in a loss of more than 16 million dollars and leaving the shareholders. displeased. 

No wonder he had been busy at work all day from morning to evening. and even cut down expenses recently. As for the possibility of Harry cheating on her, Elena was never worried since she had her own methods. to deal with that. 

Observing the pile of clothes on her daughter’s bed, folded into a small mountain, Elena expressed her slight dissatisfaction, “Your father’s company has recently encountered some difficulties. We need to tighten our belts for a while. Just be a good girl, and don’t spend too much money. I can give you 10 thousand dollars to buy a dress you like.” 

After the last attempt to make a car accident failed, she lost one million dollars, so she now had little money at her disposal. Besides, she also needed to leave some money with her in case something unexpected 

Chapter 27 


However, Emily thought 10 thousand dollars was too little. After all, just a limited-edition dress would cost around 200 to 300 thousand dollars. She also wanted an entire outfit and a handbag, which would easily cost 100 thousand dollars. Moreover, she was going to visit the Wilson family 

this time. 

Her appearance was crucial, and her dress would determine whether she could earn the chance to marry into the Wilson family. 

“Mom, this is simply not enough. Tomorrow, I’ll be heading to the Wilson family. If I go there, adorned in a dress only worth 10 thousand dollars. How will they even look at me?” 

Elena had noticed that Emily had been returning home late lately with a radiant smile. She suspected that Emily must have been dating someone, but little did she know it was someone from the Wilson family. It would be wonderful if that man were Trevon. 

“Is it Mr. Wilson, the famous Trevon Wilson in Athana?” Elena asked, her excitement growing. 

“No, it’s Max Wilson, the son of Ted Wilson, who is Theo Wilson’s second son.” Emily also had her sights set on Trevon, but the predicament was that she couldn’t even meet him in person. It made it challenging to captivate his attention. 

Max was also a part of the Wilson family. If she could successfully marry him, she would also

one changes clothes. Despite his professional achievements, those in high society knew that he just rode on the coattails of

of success through his own merits. In Athana, except for those who were very close to him,

with Max, Elena feared that Max

furrowed her brows, deeply concerned. “Emily, can

Chapter 27 

doesn’t hold

women and always remained chaste. Even when talking about the contract at social gatherings, he abstained from indulging in drinks, focusing solely on his work.

a man like Trevon, once he fell in love with

faithful lover by nature!

stopping Harry from cheating on her. Otherwise, Harry’s unfaithful nature might have led him to take a mistress long ago.

always settles. matters with an iron hand. Even if I had the chance to meet him.

a good choice for you too, but you need to capture his heart and marry him. Did you have sex

feeling a bit embarrassed. “No,” she admitted. She was no longer a virgin since. she had several relationships with wealthy men before.

Hold on to him. In a few days, I can

wondered how her mother had

her surprised daughter and gently patted her hand. “You’re my daughter. There’s nothing a mother doesn’t know about

lit up with excitement. She hadn’t slept with Max because she was afraid of being discovered by Max that she was not a virgin. “Mom,

“Don’t worry. I know someone who can keep it a secret. He won’t breathe a word

Chapter 27 

threatened with death.” 

knowing what she had to do next was to

to make Emily marry into the Wilson family, Elena handed her

her phone rang in her pocket. After seeing

fearing it might

deep, magnetic voice came from the other

it was Trevon’s cold voice, wondering why he suddenly called

she answered honestly, “Yes, I’m getting ready

Wilson’s old residence tomorrow, and Grandpa

be a weekly gathering for all the Wilson family members. hosted at the Wilson’s old residence, a tradition that had been upheld for generations.

was to foster a sense

had grown up and were occupied with their own. careers, and they needed to come home more often to reconnect so that they wouldn’t become more and more estranged due to the

got married, and she had never been requested to have

hosted every 20

divorce have something to do with it?” she

contemplated finding an excuse

Trevon interrupted her

Chapter 27 

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