Chapter 26 

The entrance to the Lovers’ Cafe erupted with a commotion, and many young ladies exclaimed in delight. 

“Oh my, is that a celebrity? He’s so handsome!” 

“Quick, let’s take some pictures!” 

“Oh, those two men in suits look so mysterious and cool.” 

“I prefer the sunny boy in the coat.” 

“I like them all!” 

The entire hall was already abuzz with whispers, and numerous admiring glances were cast their 


Three men entered, resembling stars in their own right. 

Two were impeccably dressed in professional suits, towering above the crowd. Their faces displayed an icy aloofness as if they were untouchable. and distant. 

Their appearances were both frigid and unmatched, emanating an air of unapproachability. 

However, the last one of them sported a beige reversible cashmere coat, exuding a handsome and cheerful aura. The corners of his mouth were always curled into a smile. 

Hackett, who was always a woman killer, said, “Mr. Wilson, why are you suddenly in the mood to come here today?” 

Trevon, who didn’t want to respond to Hackett, wore a cold expression, showing disdain for Hackett’s flirtatious and insincere smile. 

The three individuals went to the second floor, opting for a private room. Although Hackett favored a livelier atmosphere, the other two preferred a quiet setting. In the end, the majority ruled, resulting in a 2-to-1 decision, and Hackett had to make compromises. 

Trevon and Frank didn’t like the bustling activity in the downstairs hall. 

Meanwhile, Hackett, searching for a seat, spotted Natalie and Sherri by the window. Perhaps Sherri’s vibrant red coat caught his attention at a glance. 

Chapter 26 

Before Trevon could make his way upstairs, Hackett pulled him toward Natalie, and he was preparing to share a table with Natalie and Sherri. 

Hackett noticed that the sofa they were sitting on could accommodate all three of them, with Natalie and Sherri seated opposite each other. This arrangement allowed Hackett to sit beside Natalie. 

He was very confident in his plan. 

“Come on. I see my crush. Let’s go sit over there and join them at their table. It’ll be funnier with more people.” 

Trevon and Frank simultaneously followed Hackett’s gaze and looked in the direction Hackett was pulling them. 

As expected, Natalie was there, sipping her coffee. 

Frank turned to Trevon, raised an eyebrow, and looked meaningfully at the table in the corner. 

Feeling their burning gazes, Natalie and Sherri, engrossed in conversation, raised their heads. Natalie appeared composed. After having just finished an argument with Trevon in the morning, she had already straightened out her thinking. However, Sherri was taken aback. 

their backs.

composure and chose not to pay them much attention. Instead, she lowered her head

mindset suddenly

strode to approach

sit next to Natalie, his jacket collar was seized from

who witnessed this scene, wasn’t surprised. On the contrary, he

up a stool

from displaying his anger in front of his crush and tarnishing his

Chyšet 20 


that Hackett sat beside her, Sherri turned her head with extreme displeasure and asked, “Mr. Blackwell, did you have my consent to

disregarding Sherri as he retorted. “Would you mind if I sit here?

must be wrong with his mind, and he went out without medication.” Sherri managed to stay calm as she reminded

was about to speak when the waiter arrived, leaving him no choice

to resume his. conversation with Natalic. Trevon abruptly interjected,

on her

retrieved a piece of tissue and handed it

glanced at him with a puzzled expression, clearly conveying her message. “Are you out of your mind? We were just discussing divorce this. morning, along with the matter of about 20 million dollars.

hell are you

so close to her ear, his warm. breath caressing her cheek, causing a shiver to run down her spine. “I have informed my friend as well, so considering both sides as a breach

stared at him, eyes wide and eyelashes

pay you 20 million dollars? And what about divorce?

captivated by her adorable expression at this

whispered in

eyes. “You don’t have to pay 20 million

Chapter 26 

not finalized yet, and three months have not passed. Ending it early would also require you to

felt like

curious as Hackett. A minute ago, she and Natalie had been engaged in a bitter conversation about Trevon, on the verge

to introduce Natalie to an eligible bachelor after her divorce and make Trevon

shot a questioning glance at Natalie, silently asking, “What is

and shrugged, silently

trying to fade into the

his wife. It was

to be Trevon’s wife. The fact that he had engaged in a flirtation

scheming Trevon deliberately withheld the information, waiting for him to make

What a shame! 

was so bad and highly immoral.

that even he offered to sit here today, Hackett felt more awkward!

everyone knows they shouldn’t covet a friend’s wife, but you still

in to witness

Chapter 26 

her as at meddlesome woman eager to provoke trouble. He hurriedly explained, “Mr. Wilson, I swear I had no intention… I simply didn’t know that Nata…. Miss

Hackett let out a sigh. Even

icy voice

believe me, ask Frank,” Hackett implored, pointing

coffee cup in hand. He nonchalantly said, “I warned you not to

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