Chapter 25 

[Wake up! Wake up from your sleep…] 

In a state between wakefulness and sleep, Natalie reached out to her bedside table to find her phone. With half-closed eyes, she caught a glimpse of the time. It was nearly 2 PM. That was indeed a long sleep. 

She smoothly rose from her bed and made her way to the closet in search of something to wear. 

A slight hesitation lingered as she contemplated the appropriate attire, wondering what the weather was like outside. 

She turned around, drew open the curtains, and checked the weather forecast on her phone. It was a sunny day, though not particularly warm. The temperature would reach a maximum of 15 degrees, signaling the arrival of winter. 

She selected a pair of jeans, a beige hoodie, and a white waistcoat from her wardrobe. She thought for a second and opted for a black 

semi-turtleneck underneath, allowing for taking off the waistcoat in case it got too warm. The combination felt just perfect. 

Ready to head out, she heard her phone buzz in her pocket. It was a voice message from Sherri. [Hey there, are you still at home, Natalie? Come meet me for a cup of coffee.] 

True friends always thought the same, didn’t they? 

Natalie sat beside the shoe shelf and proceeded to change her shoes. It was inconvenient for her to type a message with both hands now, so she sent Sherri a voice message. [I’m up, putting on my shoes now, and I’m going to find you. Are you at home or outside? Just send me the address. when you’re outside.] 

Then she put her phone on the edge of her seat and continued to tie her shoelaces. Half a minute later, she received Sherri’s voice message again. Busy with her shoes, she directly played Sherri’s voice message. [Oh my, don’t tell me that you just woke up! You never woke up so late! You didn’t sleep with Mr. Wilson last night, did you?] 

As Natalie reached for her phone to reply, another voice message from Sherri quickly arrived. [Tell me everything. Did I guess right? How is Mr. Wilson’s figure?l 

Chispers 25 

A deep, chilling voice came through the living room. “Is this the way you discuss me with your friend?” 

Natalie was speechless. When did Trevon return home? How did she not notice him when she descended the stairs? 

It was truly embarrassing. 

She was now in no mood to reply to Sherri’s message. She put on her shoes and made her way to the sofa, saying, “I usually don’t discuss you with my friend. It’s just that my friend has misunderstood something.” 

Trevon’s icy gaze locked onto her, and Natalie couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed. “Miss Foster, it seems you’re forgetting something.” 


remind you once again that the agreement clearly states you cannot disclose

slightly over the past few days, but now it seemed

Natalie was stunned. 

woman, though she told Sherri that before signing the agreement, not after. Anyway, there was no point in explaining now since Trevon seemed to think she was flaunting her position to her friend as his wife, and she couldn’t seem to make it clear. “Mr. Wilson, I only confided in my best friend and haven’t told anyone else. Can’t you…” In fact, Natalie wanted to let him just forget about the liquidated damages of 20 million dollars, but

not help thinking how foolish she had been to sign that unequal treaty. That was 20 million dollars in

icy gaze remained cold as he said, “What do you think? Like you, do all the doctors lack a sense of contractual

just between you and me. There’s no need to denigrate my profession. I can pay the liquidated damages, but I also have a request.

Chapter 25 

free of the

with that? If

suspected by Trevon every day, it was better for her to seize the chance and

use the money her grandfather bestowed upon her now.

agreement, did she

Wilson family. Is she really not afraid of losing the title

However, what he detested the most was being coerced by others,

him to do anything. But due to Natalie’s grandfather, he was escorted

nature, both his parents were deeply in love with each other.

leaving him. discontented deep inside and also making him foster a strong prejudice

neither waited for his answer nor bothered to do so and turned to leave. “I hope you will provide me with an answer tonight so I can arrange the money, Mr. Wilson.” After all, 20 million dollars was an astonishing sum, and the bank will also require an

series of voice messages from Sherri. While listening, she walked towards the garage. [Natalie, are you still there? What takes you so long?]

Chapter 25 

[Natalie, Natalie.] 

you driving

I’ll wait for you. I’m still at

hospital. Let’s get some coffee there in the afternoon so we can stay


pregnant women or their babies, she would be cautious and

dawn, she wouldn’t ask for a break the next day and remain on the late shift. It was hard to tell that she had such a strong sense of

the Lovers’

Athana, since it was adorned

of modest means but also individuals from the upper class and noble circles, who frequented the place for a relaxing sojourn.

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