Chapter 24 

After a refreshing shower, Natalie blow-dried her hair in the bathroom while counting the days remaining before the divorce in her heart. 

Half of a month had stealthily elapsed since she and Trevon got the marriage license, leaving behind a mere two and a half months until their divorce. 

Soon, liberation would be hers to embrace. 

However, where would she go once the two-and-a-half months waned? The Foster’s residence was replete with cherished memories of her late grandfather. Besides, living there would fail to offer her tranquility, 

In the past, Harry, her father, would never set foot inside the house. But now that Barron had passed away, it was certain that Harry would not abide by the rules Barron had established before. 

This was all because of Harry’s audacious act of bringing his mistress, along with his illegitimate daughter, into the Foster’s residence merely a week after Natalie’s mother’s demise. Natalie’s grandfather, Barron, incensed beyond measure, had been consigned to a hospital bed, vehemently demanding the severance of any paternal connection to Harry. 

Harry didn’t agree, so Barron then offered that if Harry wanted to live with his mistress and illegitimate daughter, then he wasn’t allowed into the Foster’s residence even half a step. Otherwise, Harry would no longer be considered as his son, and he would be disinherited from the farmily fortune. Moreover, Barron also said that he would take Natalie away, and Harry was not allowed to meddle in everything about her. 

Driven by his desire to live with his mistress and his illegitimate daughter as a family, Harry capitulated, swearing off ever setting foot in the Foster’s residence, nor bothering Natalie ever again. 

However, Harry had never anticipated, nor had Natalie herself, that Barron would entrust the lawyer Abbot to transfer all the inheritance to Natalie’s name upon the deaths of her mother and grandparents. It was all notarized. 

It was an obvious trick to Harry, orchestrated by Barron, to grant Natalie 

a life with no worries. 

The recollection of this weighed heavily upon her heart, and Natalie’s 

Chapter #4 

eyes welled up with misty tears. 

She raised her head to hold back her tears, lost once again in pensive 


Harry had always acted like an obedient son in the past, fueled by his desire to get Barron’s inheritance Yet, now that Barron’s inheritance lay securely under Natalie’s name, she knew Harry would undoubtedly unleash a torrent of troubles upon her 

Anyway, things would work out in the end. Natalie decided to put it behind her for a while. 

Meanwhile, Trevon, having also finished his shower, reclined languidly on the bed, retrieving his phone to search about the working hours of doctors at the Athana Hospital 

The page displayed the schedule of doctors at the Athana Hospital, and the morning shift was from 8 am to 5 pm while the night shift was from 1:30 pm to 8 pm. 

As he glanced at the work schedule, a frown creased his forehead. The attended time was from 8:00 pm to 8:00 am the following morning followed by a day off, and then back to the morning shift. There were two shifts a week. 

Such was the rotating schedule, dictating the rhythm of the morning and evening shifts. 

was undeniably arduous. It came as no surprise that Natalie was often spotted returning

doctor. Though they got married for half

recent fight, she had been feeling that her physical fitness had become worse, so she chose to rise early and complete a round trip

living room, she unexpectedly crossed paths with Trevon descending the stairs. It was the first time Natalie had seen him

than 5.9 feet tall, he descended the stairs with an air of confidence. His black attire made him

Chapter 24 

immediately captured Natalie’s attention.

was as though the spotlight of the world had found

his features perfectly aligned with her

would be better if he didn’t always put on a long face.

his gaze on Natalie who

gaffe, Natalie swiftly came back to her senses. “Ahem, Mr. Wilson,

always. He carried himself

from heaven, offering no response to her greeting.

Shall we go out and grab


soon as the words escaped her lips, she realized the inappropriateness, since their relationship now was far from suitable for sharing

someone. while they were having breakfast together. Natalie could imagine that people would praise Trevon as God’s favored


cook something with them,” Trevon declared with an icy nonchalance.

waking in the morning, he suddenly wanted to have the breakfast she

to test the veracity of

good as

about the fact that she had

Chapter 24 

The previous night, she found nothing in the fridge, and that was why she had

to verify Trevon’s words, she imitated his way of not responding and promptly entered the

help but lift the corners of his mouth. It seemed that Natalie

Natalie was shocked. Was it the rich people’s way of life? It was as though the supermarket had relocated

test of

cakes sold in the shops outside would be overly saccharine for his taste. Thus,

kitchen to the living room,

himself with whatever rations were provided, but years of indulgence

that Natalie’s cooking


actually offered the most challenging option. After all, who knew whether he would enjoy it or not when she


substantial breakfast, a good lunch,

the night or the morning shift, she would never forget having breakfast, which was also stipulated by her grandfather. It had

Cupter 24 

in her upbringing

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