Chapter 23 

Although the rain wasn’t heavy, it fell lightly on her, giving her a slight 


On the busy street, people hurriedly walked by, some without umbrellas, running quickly in the rain, perhaps trying to avoid the impending downpour. The traffic jam was very common in Athana, and the drizzle only made it worse. 

Fortunately, her vehicle wasn’t a four-wheeler and could move through. the streets and alleys. 

Looking up, Natalie saw dark clouds dominating another corner of the sky. Trying to escape the rain, she darted in and out of the gaps between. cars, like a running rabbit. The flow of vehicles somewhat limited her speed. 

“Mr. Wilson, it’s Mrs. Wilson,” said Jim. Trevon finished work early this evening. Frank and Hackett had come to look for him this afternoon, so he had no intention of going out again. 

Jim, with sharp eyesight, immediately noticed the motorbike weaving through the traffic. The license plate was still fresh in his memory. 

Trevon paused from flipping through the files, raised his gaze toward the window, and saw the woman riding on a motorbike continuously darting between the vehicles, her movements agile. It was clear that she was always like this. 

However, seeing her getting wet in the rain without a raincoat furrowed Trevon’s brow. He lightly parted his lips and instructed Jim, “Go and buy a better raincoat for her tomorrow and tell her it was you who bought it.” 

Trevon’s words shocked Jim, who couldn’t help but observe Trevon’s expression through the rearview mirror. 

Jim saw an expressionless face, as if it was just a random remark. 

“Did I misunderstand it?” Jim wondered. “Is Mr. Wilson starting to fall for Mrs. Wilson?” 

However, Jim had confidence in Natalie. He believed that she would definitely be able to make Trevon fall in love with her, without a doubt. 

Thinking about it, Jim felt extremely happy. After all, once he saw how 

Chapter 23 

quietly make money by sharing those happy moments he had seen with Terrell. “Happiness shared is happiness doubled,” he murmured inwardly. “Yes, this is

car stopped at Adare Manor, and Jim was still in

and unclear gaze, looking toward the bright and spacious living room of the villa. “Why are you looking so happy and

who was interrupted by Trevon, was momentarily stunned.

a disdainful look.

believe what he had

do you want to buy a raincoat? What were

the pressure of his boss, he had to start the

a bit hungry. She was rummaging through the fridge for food, not realizing that

was empty. There was nothing inside, not even


realized that after cooking, she would be covered in oil fumes and have to take a shower again. Therefore, she decided to

the question. Natalie remembered the next night after getting married, she was eating durian, and Trevon handed her a premarital agreement with a disgusted expression

back so early, Natalie thought. “It’s not even

death and being scolded, Natalie decided to stick to her principle of not starving to

(Zapter 21 

her mind, she decisively took out the

the durian was opened. Before long, a plate of incredibly

to smell it with satisfaction. “Wow, it smells amazing. I haven’t had it for a long time. It’s all because of that pretentious guy.

bite and felt incredibly satisfied. Just as she was about to take the fifth bite, there was a click. Her hand holding the spoon froze, and she felt a sense of unease. Doing something secretly always made her feel lacking in confidence. “Oh no,” she murmured, “I have just started eating! Why does


the windows and some perfume after finishing her meal, so that the smell would dissipate. by the time Trevon came back in

brows to furrow. He covered his mouth with one hand. He scolded her in the direction of the dining

in her heart, as she was living in someone else’s house. “The fridge is empty, so I thought it would be convenient

went straight to open all the windows, leaving the door open as well. After completing all. these, he stood in front of her and condescendingly said, “Don’t eat that kind

my ass. You’re the one standing in a dung hole!

saw the dissatisfaction in her eyes

do it!” said Natalie before thinking, “Next time, I’ll find the smelliest thing to eat, and

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