Chapter 21 

The light streamed through the window, casting its brilliant glow upon Sherri’s eyes, too intense to bear. She winced and squinted. Her head felt as though it were encased in a dense cloud of cotton, causing her great discomfort. 

Extending her arms in a languid stretch, she arched her back lazily, emitting a hearty yawn, and opened her eyes, only to be struck with the scene in front of her. 

“Oh, shit…” she thought. “Where am I now?” 

The surroundings and the furnishings of the room were unfamiliar. It was clearly not her own room. 

Her mind reeled in confusion. 

“Could it be possible that last night I have been taken away by a strange man, and then…” 

Thinking of this, Sherri immediately threw back the covers to inspect the lower half of her body. After ensuring there was nothing wrong and finding her clothes unchanged from the day before, she breathed a sight of relief! 

Involuntarily, she instinctively patted her chest. 

She attempted to make a sound, but her cheeks were so sore that articulating even a single word proved difficult. 

Surveying her surroundings, her gaze collided with an array of vibrant balloons, triggering a fuzzy recollection that played out hazily in her mind. She shook her head and slowly recalled a night of drunken madness. And she even kept blowing balloons all night! 

“Oh my, this was not true!” Sherri couldn’t believe it. She yearned to disappear from this world! 

While soothing her aching, swollen cheeks, she contemplated her next 


Sherri was well aware of her proclivity for drunken madness. To dissuade her from getting drunk outside and being obstreperous at home, Edward had purposely captured her intoxicated state on video as a stern warning 

(Zapter 2: 

Every time she contemplated indulging, she would watch the playback of 

that video first. 

Upon viewing it, any desire to drink dissipated, replaced only by an overpowering sense of shame that made her want to crawl into a hole. 

and never come out. 

Anyway, the most important thing was to get out of here first. 

Swiftly rising from the bed, she tidied her attire and prepared to make her stealthy escape. Just as she tiptoed toward the front door, a voice of deep and low magnetism from the living room halted her in her tracks. “Is this how you conduct yourself, Miss Landor? Sneaking away without uttering a word of gratitude?” 

she gracefully turned. around, came back to the living room, and said to Hackett with a smile plastered

mischief concealed beneath his gaze. “Encounter?

“Damn it, how could I get so drunk that I followed this playboy to his residence?”

indifference to her embarrassment. “Well, thank you for taking care of me last night, Mr. Blackwell. I must return to work

that her drunken escapades from the

perfect image had been damaged, and she only wanted to make at

couldn’t let her go that easily. After all, she had caused enough disturbance for him last night, and the lingering ache from last evening was still fresh in

time. And last night, Miss Landor, you were quite drunk…”


Chapter 21 

him to describe her drunken antics. She knew exactly what she looked like when she got drunk since her brother had

indulging in a bit of alcohol.

of the 500 balloons I bought for you. Since I’ve bought those

what did you say? 500 balloons?” Sherri’s voice rose abruptly, and a sharp pain flushed her cheeks,

rendered speechless. No

ask for 500 balloons last night? Could

about what Hackett said, but it was true that she would go crazy

actually blew up 250 balloons in total. Thanks to my big house, you were able to get enough room to

night, he wanted to play tricks on Sherri to vent his anger, so he had forced Frank to buy the balloons, but unexpectedly, once Sherri saw the

blown up 250 balloons, but he also had to tie up 250 balloons. His hands were now still a little shaky, and he had to hide his shaking

Chapter 21 

actually stayed up all night with her,

and took a bite of her lip before saying, “Alright, how

text you on WhatsApp? It’ll

she didn’t want to have any further contact with him and planned

and saved

with a smile, “Actually, there’s another way to let me keep it

have something to say, say it. Don’t beat around the bush.” Sherri’s cheeks were so sour that she didn’t

laughed. “Give me Natalie’s WhatsApp number, and I’ll keep it a secret. I guarantee that what happened last night will only be a secret between

soon as Sherri heard what Hackett said, she refused without hesitation. “No, don’t even think of

I look like someone who is short on money to you?”

gave to Hackett was not even enough for him, the son of the real estate tycoon in

spent money like water. Even a million dollars

“I recorded everything that happened last

tear him apart like a wolf, but Hackett had got something on her, and she could

Chapter 21 

sorry,” Sherri thought with guilt while giving Natalie’s. WhatsApp

information, whether she adds you as a friend on

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