Chapter 20 

Seeing the raised fender, Hackett cursed Frank in his heart again, and at the same time, he was already helpless inside. He thought that brotherhood was nothing but bullshit. 

Sherri sang for a while and realized that something was missing. She kept mumbling something and was fishing on Hackett’s body. 

Hackett listened to the slurred words and wondered what she was talking about. 

“What are you looking for?” He slapped away her hands that were running through his body. 

Sherri pursed her lips in displeasure and said, “Where’s the microphone?” 

Hackett replied, “There’s no microphone here. I’ll find you one when we get out of the car.” 

Sherri seemed to agree with this. She fell into silence and stopped running her hands through his body. Hackett was really tired of her messing around, so he closed his eyes and rubbed his eyebrows. 

Suddenly, he felt a spasm and looked down, only to see Sherri singing to him between his legs with a smiling face. 

Hackett hurried to slap her hand away. “Missy, this is not something you can play with. Let’s change to something else. You can’t afford to pay for it if it’s damaged.” 

Hackett thought, “This is the most important thing for a man. If 

something goes wrong with it, I’m afraid everyone in our family will be angry. 

“After all, it’s equivalent to cutting off the bloodline of the Blackwell family.” 

However, Sherri was like a stubborn child, unwilling to let go. She looked up at him with teary eyes, and Hackett could only coax her to let go. 

“Listen, this is not fun. Let’s play something else, okay?” Hackett was helpless. This woman had no regard for his future. 

He was a normal man, so he naturally had desires. 

“I don’t want to. I want you to listen to me sing,” Sherri shouted. 

Chapter 20 

“You are tired of singing, aren’t you? Let’s change the game. What else do you like to play? I can accompany you,” Hackett said. Then he thought deep down, “Missy, let go of me, please. It means the future generations. of our family!” 

Sherri carefully thought for a moment. “Blow up balloons. Is it okay?” she said with a begging look in her eyes. Her eyes were misty after her drunkenness, and she looked like a pitiful child. 

then. We’ll go buy balloons after getting out of the car, okay?”

for him to figure out where the balloons were, the next second, she got up and sat on his

verge of suffocation. He pushed her head away with one hand and

she said about blowing up balloons was completely different from the one

lips to his again and blew so hard that Hackett doubted if he would be killed

was struggling to

could not see the scene in the back seat, the two’s conversation was clear to him. He thought he was listening to a drama played by

such an embarrassing scene, but he still interrupted them and said, “You guys stop

said, “That’s not what you think. She messed around after getting

was in disbelief over the words he just said,

the slightest bit of surprise. He asked,

Chapter 20 

Hackett’s face to blow into his mouth. Hackett

while of thinking, he said, “Why don’t we send her to a hotel? I think it’s inappropriate to bring her to my

two have kissed each other? I’ll send her to your house.” Frank directly made the decision and headed in the direction

fender was about to close, Hackett had a plan in his heart and shouted, “Mr.

and the car roof. “Are you sure you can use all 500 balloons for one night?”

I’m talking about balloons to dress up. the room.”

Blue Garden, Frank gave him a big bag of balloons in

them on the drive!

fucking unnecessary thoughtful of you!”

he carried Sherri on his shoulders with one hand

morning, Natalie was awakened by her alarm

her phone and glanced

hurt a little, the aftermath of drunkenness.

got back last night, but she had no idea about it. She only vaguely remembered that she had been


her clothes intact, and then she picked up her cell phone and clicked open the camera, her makeup not removed.

Chapter 20 

back last night? She closed her eyes, sat on the bed, and massaged her temples for a minute. Then she looked at her contacts and dialed Sherri’s number. The phone ringtone rang five times,

the bills last night. Sherri drank a lot with him. Later, Natalie was also a

into it? But Sherri will be finished if Edward knows

room was empty,


this house was just a

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