Chapter 19 

Trevon leaned lazily against the corner of the elevator, and his eyes fixed on Natalie, who was unsteady on her feet. The image of her surprising the whole scene came to his mind. He gritted his teeth and said. You’re quite something.” 

However, Natalie was now suffering from the aftereffects of her drunk and did not know that Trevon was talking to her. She was a behaved drinker and would not make any noise after getting drunk. It was just that her feet felt light when walking, as if she was stepping on a cloud, floating

With a stagger, she was about to fall toward the elevator. But at the same time, a large, strong palm wrapped around her slender, soft waist

Trevon inexplicably felt his palm very hot. Natalie’s dress was so thin that Trevon could feel the warmth and softness of her skin, and her waist was slender enough to be held by one hand

He looked at her with obscure eyes

At this moment, Jim, who held on to his breath and tried to reduce his presence, thought that Trevon still cared about Natalie. At least he did not leave her behind

The moment the elevator door opened, Jim quickly fled to the car

He drove the car to the nearest location of the elevator and got out to open the car door for Trevon. Then he went straight to the driver’s seat and raised the fender between the front and rear seats without thinking

Jim complained deep down, Life is really too hard.” 

In the back seat, Natalie was drowsy. She scratched her face, which was a bit itchy, and always felt something like the fine hair sliding around her face

She kept scratching her face again and again, but it was still itchy. This action attracted the man’s attention. He stretched out his welldefined fingers to help her pluck the loose hair on her face behind her ear

After that, Natalie fell asleep quietly against the car window

Trevon stared quietly at the sideview of her face and muttered, At least she didn’t make a fuss after drinking.” 

Jim arrived at the Adare Manor as quickly as possible. He got out of the car, opened the back car door, and respectfully asked, Do you want to get out of the car, Mr. Wilson?” 

Trevon replied coolly, What do you think?” 

Jim scratched his head and hesitantly asked, Should I wake up Mrs. Wilson? She’s asleep. Or Mr. Wilson, will you… carry her in…” The last three words were said in an extremely low voice

look at the woman who was still in her carefree sleep in the car. His eyebrows knitted together, and a headache came up to him. He had never carried any woman before, and he was hesitant if he should lower his

that he should not cross the line according to the agreement, so he turned his head

“Holy shit! Mr. Wilson, are you serious? That is your wife, not mine. Do you think I dare to do

a moment to comply, he said to himself again. “Forget it. I’ll do it. You

subconsciously leaned toward the heat source around her,

was awake at the moment, he would have thrown her to the

Trevon was a little distracted and hot, just wanting to hurry and


this scene, Jim secretly fished out his cell phone and took a picture

can match Mrs. Wilson, who can be cool and sassy but also gentle and quiet. And she can even change at

Trevon went straight to the guest room and placed Natalie gently on the bed. When he tried to get up, he found that his neck was

wake her

woman on the bed muttered, “Hmm?” But her hands still remained wrapped around his neck. The sleeping woman thought she was

pressed against her soft red lips. His breathing stopped for a moment, and he stared at

must have done it on purpose.

body and

prey and wanted to rush over and rip

body had some kind of reaction it. Could it be that he was

even a kiss. It could only be considered a light touch between

on her. Then he turned around and went back to his room to


that Sherri was still so excited and wanted to bounce. They tried to pull her back by

got her to drink.

to the extreme that he had forced her to drink. If he had known that this woman would make such a big fuss when

was she that took the initiative to come

This was just the

This woman is Athana’s Landor family’s honored daughter. He couldn’t beat her up

“Can you be

patience and went straight to the dance floor to carry Sherri

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