Chapter 18 

At precisely 10 o’clock in the evening, Sherri’s car came to a steady stop outside the Lithern Club. She exited the vehicle and handed the keys to the security guard

True to its reputation as the prime bar in Athana, the Lithern Club exuded luxury from its exterior alone. Natalie was somewhat hesitant to go inside

Knowing her best friend’s intentions, Sherri couldn’t let it slide. Then she told Natalie, You can’t do something so unethical. If you bail on me tonight, we’ll cut ties.” 

You’d better watch fewer soap operas,” Natalie replied

Soap operas are so entertaining. You just don’t get it,Sherri said

Natalie wore a black formfitting kneelength dress that evening. Her face had a subtle natural makeup look, comfortable and effortless. Her dark curly hair cascaded down, creating a beautiful aesthetic

On the other hand, Sherri wore a contrasting red formfitting dress, seductive and alluring. Her dress was shorter than Natalie’s, and she wore a pair of white high heels. Her chestnutcolored curls were also flowing freely

When they were getting their hair permed together, Sherri asked Natalie to dye their hair together. But Natalie adamantly 


With the night breeze on her face, Natalie adjusted her suit jacket and asked skeptically, Can we go in now, Sherri? Aren’t you cold?” 

On such a cold night, Sherri prioritized style over warmth and didn’t even wear a jacket

Just looking at her, Natalie already felt cold

Thinking the bar’s exterior was already luxurious, little did they know that the interior design was even more extravagant. The ground floor had a dance floor with a starry sky design overhead. Blaring notes reached their ears. And in the dim environment, the starry sky above shimmered even more brilliantly, like a galaxy of stars

Standing there, one could feel the class divide. This was where the wealthy gathered

Natalie couldn’t bear to spend her hardearned money here

The second floor housed VIP seating, undoubtedly a spot for the affluent to sit above and look down on everything

Indeed, poverty could limit one’s imagination. There was nothing you couldn’t achieve, only things hadn’t thought of. 

The temperature inside was relatively high. Sherri grabbed Natalie and found a nice spot where they could oversee the entire dance floor

Natalie hung her jacket on the back of the chair and lazily leaned against the bar counter. Then she asked the bartender for at lowproof drink

closer to her ear and said, “Is it too weak? Why

that Sherri had no idea about her alcohol


Sherri didn’t dare to order a stronger one and settled for a slightly stronger drink than

and she started feeling tipsy. She insisted on dragging Natalie to the dance floor, shouting about dazzling the

there was nothing Natalie

had cultivated her skills in music, chess, dance, and painting. After her mother passed away, her grandfather didn’t send her to learn outside but instead secretly arranged for instructors to come to their home. Her dancing skills were quite impressive, with a graceful and flexible body reminiscent of a water snake.

Natalie couldn’t help but sway her slender waist along with the music. Her movements were seductive and graceful. Moreover, their appearances were attractive. They drew the

was a release,

on the dance floor. He couldn’t help. but exclaim. “Oh, my God! Quick, look! It’s my crush. My crush is there. Frank, look! I asked you to help me look her up,

countless searches, he turned around abruptly, only to find his crush

Hackett was filled with excitement, and his blood was boiling. He just

Hackett went to great lengths and.

every penny. If he had gone to boxing tonight, he

woman on the dance floor. Natalie was indeed

coldly, Trevon’s gaze was dim and uncertain. He didn’t expect to run into Natalie in a place like

she fight, but she can also ride motorcycles and dance at clubs. She seemed to be an

was a well–behaved girl? Is she just pretending?”

couldn’t help but stare at Natalie. And Hackett, like a young protective animal guarding its food, couldn’t stand it anymore. He exclaimed, “Trevon, we’re friends.

was sitting nearby. He wondered what kind of woman worth Hackett’s protection was and made Hackett bold enough to compete openly with Trevon. When Jim finally took a look, he was taken aback, and his heart

“Mr. Blackwell, take care of yourself. The


Jim’s gaze. Then he asked, “What’s with

a cold glance from Trevon

scene, casually glanced at the dance floor. After careful consideration, he seemed to understand the situation, and a smirk

had attracted attention, grew tired from dancing and decided

noticed that Natalie on the dance floor had finished dancing and was surrounded by a circle of men trying to strike up a conversation. He realized someone was encroaching on his

at her best friend’s figure

a fool of himself, he wanted to remind Hackett that Natalie was Trevon’s newlywed wife.

spoke, “That woman is

himself, “Mr. Roberts is really impressive.

coldly stared in Natalie’s direction, feeling increasingly annoyed and displeased.

had never been able to resist attractive

in his thoughts.

to Natalie. The people here were familiar with Hackett, Frank, and Trevon, the three

in the social circle of Athana. And then Sherri, who was still sober, quickly

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