Chapter 16 

The next day, Natalie woke up early and prepared breakfast for herself, without considering Trevon’s portion

During the rush hour, the roads in Athana were extremely congested. It made Natalie miss her black motorcycle dearly

After 15 minutes, the car hadn’t even passed a single traffic light, remaining motionless. Impatient and frustrated, she took out a cigarette from her pocket. Then she placed it on her pale red lips, lit it with a lighter, and held the cigarette butt between her long, slender fingers. She was exhaling smoke as she waited

Then she felt more comfortable. She opened the car window, allowing the cold wind to rush in, which cleared her mind to 

some extent

Coincidentally, this captivating and enchanting posture caught the attention of Hackett, who was waiting in the car next to Natalie’s. He initially thought it was his good friend Edward returning. So after checking the license plate, Hackett planned to greet him through the window

But to his surprise, it was an attractive woman in the driver’s seat. Intrigued, Hackett couldn’t help but wonder if she was Edward’s girlfriend. If not, he would ask Edward to introduce her to himself

Being a man of action, Hackett curiously opened his contact list to find Edward’s number

A few seconds later, the call connected. And then he teasingly asked, Mr. Landor, where are you?” 

A calm and warm voice came from the other side. Edward replied, Mr. Blackwell, what’s the occasion for calling me so early? You’re not with your girl?” 

Hackett kept his gaze fixed on the woman in the sports car without blinking. Then he said to Edward, Oh. I was just thinking about you.” 

Go ahead. What’s the matter?Edward asked. He didn’t think Hackett had so much free time on his hands to call him

I just wanted to ask who’s driving your sports car today. Is it your new girlfriend?Hackett inquired, trying to probe

What? What sports car?Edward was completely puzzled

However, his mind quickly processed the situation. If it was Sherri driving the car, Hackett wouldn’t have made this call. If it was his mother, that was even more unlikely. Because she had her own driver and didn’t drive sports cars. The only person. who had a good relationship with Sherri was Natalie. So it could be reasonably concluded that the one driving today was Natalie

Just a friend,” Edward replied

Oh. So she’s a friend of yours. I originally thought she was your girlfriend. Since she’s just a friend, could you please introduce her to me?Hackett asked. He thought that as long as she wasn’t Edward’s girlfriend, he could still make a move

Edward, who was working in his office, stopped what he was doing and furrowed his brows. Then he said, Don’t have any ideas about her.His tone carried a warning

Natalie, who was in the car, was engulfed in her own thoughts and smoke. She had no idea that her actions were captured and shared in a group chat among Hackett, Frank, and Trevon

do me a favor and find out about this woman. I’ve fallen for her


the office when she had reached her destination and

than her

the car to Natalie, she had been feeling uneasy and anxious. It wasn’t because she was afraid her


her well–being. She felt deeply touched and walked over to hug Sherri, saying, “I’m sorry for making you worry. Look,

of Natalie’s capabilities. But there was always the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. Although Natalie emerged from this incident unscathed, Sherri wanted

someone might come after you again,”

loss. I doubt Elena would be willing to spend more money,” Natalie replied. She didn’t think her so–called father would willingly foot the bill for this mishap. Elena would have to use her own

got hurt, and now they’re extorting money

explain the sequence of events from the previous night. Hearing what had happened, Sherri burst into laughter, occasionally giving

fuming right now,”

a mess was definitely

and then hurriedly answered. “Hey, Edward.” Perhaps she was feeling a bit guilty for lending out his car without consulting

by Natalie?” Edward asked with

She had some urgent matter and needed to

She thought Edward might be angry. She was unaware that the car

Some people even said that one should never lend his car or his spouse to

to someone else.

Edward said. He sensed that his sister was speaking in a hushed voice and guessed that someone

the table and

feeling embarrassed, called out, “Edward, it’s me.”

He spoke softly, “Natalie, how have you been

that I had a minor issue yesterday and needed a car. I asked Sherri to arrange one for me. But

not angry because you borrowed the car. I was just worried that something might have happened to you. The car was just sitting in the garage collecting dust. So it’s

But, Edward, I’ve already used it. And I’ll return it to Sherri today. I’ll ask you

anytime you need. If there’s anything you can’t solve, let me know Even though I’m abroad, I still have resources in the country and can help you out”

Edward, Natalie replied gratefully Her heart warmed, as Edward always

to a lack of affection, the system that controlled Natalie’s emotions was more sensitive compared to an average person when others

conversation, was at a loss for words. She remembered how her brother had sternly warned her about his car, saying. “If you even touch my car, I’ll give

time. And she never dared to touch his beloved car. It was only because her best friend encountered an issue this time that she mustered the courage to

wonder who leaked

had some kind of supernatural

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