Chapter 15 

Natalie drove her sports car into the garage and parked it. Then she got out of the driver’s seat

Suddenly, the glaring high beams illuminated the spacious garage, causing Natalie to squint. She could see a gray Koenigsegg slowly entering the garage

A man with long legs stepped out of the passenger seat. He was dressed in a black suit and pants, with his coat unbuttoned, revealing a crisp white shirt underneath. He had a clean and slender figure. But his icy expression gave off a sense of distance, creating an invisible pressure. He exuded an air of elegance and unapproachability

Their eyes met for a brief moment. And pretending it wasn’t awkward would be a lie. However, they could only pretend to be nonchalant

It was the first time in many days that they encountered each other in the garage when returning home

Natalie thought inwardly, What should I say?” 

Then she mustered a polite smile, squinting her beautiful eyes as she looked at Trevon. Then she said, What a coincidence. Mr. Wilson, you just got home too.” 

After hearing that, Trevon remained silent. His deep and sharp gaze was fixed on her for a moment. After a while, his handsome face still remained cold. Then he replied, Well.” 

Natalie was speechless. They managed to kill the conversation again

Jim quickly got out of the car. He was ready to greet Natalie, whom he believed was easy to get along with

To his surprise, there was a white Ferrari in front of him. He thought inwardly, Wasn’t this Mr. Landor’s favorite car? Why was Mrs. Wilson driving it?” 

He didn’t notice the license plate when he saw it on the road. And later he was too focused on praising the woman to pay 

attention to the car

Then Jim thought to himself, Wait a moment. The woman in the suit” 

A flicker of astonishment flashed through Jim’s eyes. He suddenly realized that the woman was just Natalie. Realizing this, he forgot to even greet her. His mouth was wide open in shock

Trevon apparently noticed that his assistant had figured something out. Then he looked at Jim with disdain

He just wanted to get Jim out of there. Then he said to Jim, You can go back now. No need to pick me up tomorrow morning

The cold voice of Trevon snapped Jim out of his shock. Jim thought to himself, Mr. Wilson must have known that the person was Mrs. Wilson. He was truly worthy of being Mr. Wilson from Athana. He was so damn calm, just turning off the lights and watching the show while his wife got beaten up.” 

face. Then he

“Mrs. Wilson like that in front of Trevon made Natalie a bit unsure of how to react.

to her, Natalie decided not to push it

changing her shoes, she couldn’t shake off the feeling that someone was staring at her from behind. When she turned. around, she indeed found Trevon looking at her with an

her uncomfortable. It seemed that he wanted to say something to her- to

blatantly without any words. Then she asked, “Mr. Wilson, is there something

replied and then indifferently withdrew his gaze. He hadn’t even realized that he had been lost in his

to ask if she had offended anyone. But upon second thought, he thought that it

she had misunderstood

hungry and felt like having Spaghetti. It was actually quite difficult for her to handle the situation. If she didn’t ask Trevon, he might think she was being selfish. But if she did ask,

was really a difficult thing.

bowl. By the way, did Mr. Hawk reimburse you for the last meal?” Trevon asked. He believed that it was important to keep things clear and settled, regardless of who

excess can be refunded to you or accumulated for the next time by keeping a record. Well. Forget it. Let me just refund it to you. It’s easy to make mistakes

said in a low

total of 14

Okay,” Trevon replied

Natalie immediately took out her phone from her pocket and transferred 86 dollars to Jim. After that, she put her phone back in her pants pocket. Then she went straight to the refrigerator to

room. “Do you eat Spaghetti Bolognese?” She liked to eat Spaghetti with tomatoes, ham sausage, eggs, and

actually never eaten it before. He usually dined lavishly and had never tried these things. So it was understandable that he didn’t react right

he knew about Spaghetti Bolognese, he

make it.” Natalie replied. She was really making it difficult for herself, preparing

delicious?” Trevon

I say it’s delicious, will you believe me?” Natalie

It was the first

actually believed her. It was

a chilly autumn breeze blowing, Jim was

down and then checked it. It was a transfer of 86 dollars from Natalie. He hesitated to accept it, unsure of its meaning He still wondered why Trevon had asked him to transfer 100 dollars to Natalie last time. Now, he wondered why Natalie

bloody scene tonight, he was a bit frightened and hesitant. Instead, he decided to call Trevon and ask if he should accept

was smoking a cigarette, with the TV on playing the latest news. His

attention. He diverted his gaze and answered, “What’s

me. What is this money for? Should I accept it?” Jim

replied. Then he was about to hang up the phone when Jim

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