Chapter 13 

The following morning, the sky was overcast and cloudy with a bit of haze, and the air quality was not good

It was probably because it was almost late autumn that the weather was like this. Autumn and spring always came and went in a hurry

The cold wind poured into the thin suit and made Natalie feel a little cold. Even if she wore a light sweater inside, she still felt cold

It felt like it would rain last night, so she pulled her motorcycle into the garage. She had gotten up early today and hadn’t planned to ride to work because she would have been easily discovered by her father and Elena’s men that way

Because of Trevon’s repeated defensiveness and side warnings last night, Natalie did not want to be misunderstood again. She then made only her own breakfast. She simply made omelets and had a glass of milk.. 

After breakfast, she went into the garage to take a look at her motorcycle

She took a cab after walking 1000 or 2000 feet outside the villa area

There was really no need for a cab in this upscale villa area

But she was lucky to get a cab right after she got out

When she got in the cab, the driver asked her curiously, Miss, why do you live here but take a cab? You are lucky today. I took a whitecollar worker here just now because he needed to come here to help his boss drive. Just after he got off and you’re here.” 

Natalie thought to herself, No wonder I got a cab so quickly today.” 

She replied politely, My car broke down.” She couldn’t tell the driver she purposely didn’t drive because someone was trying to hurt her

The driver was with an I knew it look. No wonder. People who live here are the gentry and nobility, and no one here needs a cab at all. We usually only receive orders to drive certain people here, but we can hardly receive orders to drive to send people out from here.” 

She didn’t respond momentarily and asked, Sir, do you often drive people here?” 

The driver replied, Yes, many of the rich heirs here are always drunk at night. Rich people are like that. We cab drivers are not surprised by this kind of thing. We would love to have more of these customers.” 

Those wealthy families were particularly generous. If he was lucky to meet this kind of generous customer, the money he made in one night could equal the total amount he made in several days

The chatty driver continued, Are you also buying a house here?” 

the driver didn’t think she was adopted or a mistress. “My relatives live over

again had the “I knew it look. After talking for so long, the driver hadn’t asked Natalie where she was going. “Miss, where are you going? You have quite a good personality. Talking

The Athana Hospital.” 

Natalie in the rearview mirror. “Are you feeling unwell? Listen, you’re young now, but you can’t overspend

driver, he interacted with all kinds of people daily. Especially those from Athana, many of whom were addicted to extravagant life and overspending on their

was getting older. Otherwise, he really wanted to work the evening

and secretly thought, “Isn’t this driver too chatty? He’s even more talkative than Sherri.” She didn’t really want to talk

I’m a doctor.” 

driver cast an admiring look at Natalie. Then he started talking about how he envied educated people like Natalie

Perhaps the driver was bored driving every day

faster and faster. Natalie’s lips curled up with a hint of ridicule, and she thought to herself, “They’re really

moment, she said to the cab driver, “Sir, you drive to the crowded

ways to get to the Athana Hospital. One was a less crowded road, and the other was the road next to the commercial street, which was particularly crowded and congested. Natalie chose the crowded road because it would be difficult for the other party to take

Don’t you all take this road to work? That way is only for

the driver that someone was trying to kill her. What if the driver got scared?

give you extra money. Just drive as fast as you can.” Natalie had no choice. She could only solve this problem with

scumbag dad had caused her to spend a fortune

as hearing the words “extra money,” the driver was immediately full of energy. He said with his face full of smiles. “Okay, Miss. Sit steadily. I’m a professional driver for 25 years,


was speechless and thought to herself, “Hurry up. The tiger

really skillful. Drifting around the corner, he then turned around and immediately accelerated forward. When the motorcycle behind saw the

closer and closer to the crowded street. The motorcycle was also blocked by other cars behind the

at the hospital entrance, Natalie gave the driver 60

big smile on her face. She was probably talking

raised her chin and asked, “What’s going on? Why are you half an hour late today? It’s almost time for work.

was the most active at work and the most procrastinating when off

ill because she wasn’t eager to get

her limited edition watch. she found out she still had 15 minutes to go.

Sherri’s question just now because there were too

moment, Natalie was about to answer the question, but Sherri asked another question before she

almost half an hour later today than before. You weren’t doing something sweet with

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