Chapter 12 

At the entrance of Adare Manor, Natalie parked her motorcycle in the garage today

Usually, she parked it in the yard because she thought the yard was big anyway. And if she parked in the garage, she had to open the garage door, which was a pain for her

The sky was heavily cloudy today, and she was worried that it might rain, so she parked her motorcycle in the garage

After she parked the motorcycle, she reached into her pocket for her keys and realized the living room was lit up. Nell must 

be back

Then there was no need for the keys, so Natalie slipped them back into her pocket

She skillfully took off her helmet with one hand and swung his long hair. The moment she opened the door, she froze. It was not Nell who came back. It was her new husband Trevon who had returned.. 

Looking through the doorway, she could not see what the man was wearing, but she could see his thick, dark hair and straight back, which exuded a sense of noble elegance

He was indeed quite handsome. From any perspective, he was a handsome man. It was just that he was not a very good person

After half a second of dazedness, Natalie came back to her sense. She just did not expect Trevon to be back, and she was at little embarrassed, not knowing if he was staying here tonight or not

But on second thought, they had agreed that their marriage would last three months. How could he achieve his goal if he did not come back

With that in mind, Natalie’s sudden embarrassment dissipated

But she had not yet figured out what 

Teement her grandfather and Trevon’s grandfather had reached. She knew that with her grandfather’s and their family’s status, it was not enough to get Trevon to marry her. Natalie knew this very well. If it was her grandfather who threatened Trevon’s family with something to make him marry herself, Natalie and her family were indeed at fault

decided she 

ask Trevon’s grandfather what the deal was some other time. Although she felt nothing about Trevon looking down on her. she still wanted to find out why she was treated like a scheming bitch by Trevon

Whatever the agreement. Natalie help 

Trevon achieve his goal in three months, at de deshaya moder 

After thinking about this, Natalie left her helmet and keys on the shoe rack by the door and took out her shoes to change. them naturally

Out of selfcultivation and for the sake of a harmonious fake cohabitation life, she greeted Trevon first. Mr. Wilson, have you had dinner yet?” 

Trevon, who was about to light his cigarette, knew Natalie was back when he heard the door open. But he did not turn to look at her. After Natalie said those words, he followed the sound only to see the woman changing her shoes

The casual attire paired with her slender figure made her more slender and graceful

door. Frank had told Trevon before about the

the same time, Trevon’s mind flashed to the scene of

after a moment did he

thought Nell was home, but he came back and found no one home. He

so he did not go

and asked, “I’ll cook. Do you want

extra portion. She would only cook her portion if he did not want to eat. Natalie never wasted


his indifference or estrangement. She turned into the kitchen to wash her hands before putting on her bib. After that, she started to clean food and

opposite the living room sofa, so the man sitting on the sofa could take in the kitchen woman’s every movement at a

scandal. But the result was that her face looked very calm as if this

not care about it,

minds were really inscrutable. Trevon

according to his feeling, he determined that Natalie

somewhere in his heart that he could not express. It was as if there was no agreement between them, and he was just a typical husband waiting for

on cooking that she did not know what the man sitting outside in the living room was

and cooked food quickly. It took her only 40 minutes


shouted to the living room. “Mr.

never called Trevon by his first name. She just

Mr. Trevon, and Sherri said everyone in Athana

his suit. And then, he went into the dining

sausage, grilled fish, green salad, and

it was

not used to eating such dishes. “These are just ordinary dishes I usually have. I don’t know if you like them.”

really wanted to say was, “If you don’t like them,

I’m not picky,” said Trevon. He

his meals

Trevon said that, Natalie helped

doing so, she sat down and started eating. She was starving and completely ignored the man sitting across from her.

Trevon all the time because he was not a three–year–old

better than Trevon thought it would be, which made him look at her a few more times. This

drive a motorcycle,

do? The Foster family was a

the Foster family was not wealthy and influential, Natalie was still a young lady from a big family. But what she did was different from other girls from big families.

had lost his concentration several times tonight. Was he crazy?

Obliviously, she was completely unaware that

surprised. This woman did not see him as a man? She was really

they chewed slowly and methodically when eating. But

Natalie’s unique way

had just returned and found Nell was not there, so he asked, “Didn’t Grandpa ask

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