Chapter 11 

At 6 PM, the dining room table of the Foster family was already set with a table full of food. The whole family was waiting for Harry to start having dinner

Harry, however, was pacing back and forth in the living room. He was anxious and unable to sit down with peace of mind

He had his hands behind his back and was frowning every now and then.. 

His current wife, Elena Foster, was dizzy from his pacing, but she could not say anything directly to ask him to stop because she knew she would not have a good time if she offended him. She had worked so hard to become Harry’s wife

She asked politely, Harry, what’s wrong with you? You’ve been pacing back and forth for almost an hour. Tell us what’s going on and see if Emily and I can work out a solution for you.” 

Emily Foster was checking her manicured nails and wiping them attentively. When her mother mentioned her name and because her mother had been giving her a wink, she sat up straight and stopped wiping her nails

Hearing Elena’s words, Harry was furious. In the afternoon, he went to the law firm to consult about the inheritance, which said that he could not retrieve the property even if he went to court for legal action. Because Barron’s will had been notarized ten years ago, and there was no loophole to say that Barron was not in his right mind when he wrote the will

The words ten years agomade Harry furious. He thought back to that time. That was the time after his exwife jumped off a building and died

The lawyer from the law firm said that he could inherit Barron’s property if Natalie herself voluntarily transferred the property to his name

This was where Harry was upset. He had gone to Natalie a few days before, and there was no way Natalie would comply with his wishes and voluntarily transfer the property to his name

Not to mention the transfer of the inheritance, it would be great that she would no longer be against him.. 

She even teamed up with Sherri to drive him out. She was simply a rebellious daughter

Emily whispered softly and nicely, Dad, why don’t we discuss the solution together? What if Mom and I can help?” 

After Harry thought about it, he thought Emily was right. He had no solution, but what if Emily and Elena had

Harry then went over the matter of Barron’s property and also included his rejection by Natalie.. 

They forced down their discontent and cursed

found out that a large sum of her family’s fortune had been distributed to Natalie. She simply could not accept this fact.

too selfish. How could she inherit her grandfather’s things alone without asking you? No matter what,

heart became even more

reminded politely, “Dad, Natalie is not willing to transfer the property to you, and she is holding 20 percent of the Foster Group shares. Once she gets married, it will be impossible for us to get this

the 20 percent of the shares back now and that he needed


23 years old, and it’s impossible that she’ll stay unmarried. But once she gets married, the shares will have nothing to do with you, Harry. She is so selfish: If the shares were in Emily’s name,

had two

selfish. Why does she occupy so much property? She doesn’t even know how to take care of it. She rides a motorcycle very fast every day.

while looking at Harry’s face from time to time to observe the change in

a matter of fact, Harry’s eyes showed a hint of murderous intent,

daughter’s disappointment and gave

the living room was watched by a pair of eyes on the second–floor stairway,

the evening, in the master bedroom, Elena wore a semi–sheer silk nightgown

air conditioner’s temperature and sprayed herself with specially made

usefulness and strengths. She had always cared about her appearance, so she had beauty treatments every now and then. She either did photorejuvenation or

had indeed been very obsessed with her these years, and he hadn’t been looking for other women

was so fond of her that he had sex with

rested on his shoulders, and

back on the bed, and a lustful smile appeared on his face. “Sweetheart, come on. Let

close, he would lose control and want to enjoy her

could to please Harry that night, changing her ways

skilled in this area

the shares? You can’t really be manipulated by Natalie, can you? If Natalie is of one mind to you, it would be fine. But she hates us deeply because of her mother. If she gets on the board and turns against you one day, that will be bad. Emily was right. If she had the shares, she would

Harry for her own

often the happiest and most relaxed moment for Harry. This was the best time for Elena to ask. him to

was how she used Harry and became his

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