Chapter 10 

Twitter’s homepage had been filled with hashtags, Mr. Wilson, the heir of the Wilson Group, stayed with the headliner of Lithern Club in the middle of the night, Athana’s richest man paid to have sex with the headliner.The ascetic persona of Mr. Wilson from Athana was ruined,and The headliner of Lithern Club seems to keep her virginity for Mr. Wilson.” 

In the Lithern Club suite, Frank was awakened by his cell phone ringing. Speak. His tone was tinged with impatience

Geez, you’re still sleeping? Something big has happened. Get up and watch the news,Hackett shouted loudly

Get to the point, Frank said, not caring about the gossip

The point is that the trending topics are all related to Mr. Wilson. He stole my job, so I want to ask him what he wants.” Hackett suspected that Trevon was crazy

In his impression, the Wilson family was a family with strict rules. Brothers could not fight against each other. Men in the family were not allowed to have mistresses and had to keep themselves clean. Otherwise, they would be punished according to the family rules

What Trevon had done was a direct violation of the Wilson family’s family rules. He was undoubtedly angering his grandfather

Was he seeking death? Or had his family’s family rules been abolished

He’s seeking death,” Frank said and hung up the phone instantly

Hackett was angry and secretly thought, How could I have a friend like Frank? Would it kill him to talk to me more every time? I paid for the phone bill, not him.” 

Thinking of Frank saying the word death,Hackett, who was a real one for flirting with the girls for a long time, realized something suddenly

He felt that Trevon would hurt himself sooner or later by the plan he set up

The Wilson Group office building, located in the busiest city center of Athana, stood tall and towering like a towering tree submerged in the clouds.” 

Jim pushed the door open, entered the CEO’s office, and said. Mr. Wilson, the media has changed all the trending topics to those related to you. How long does this need to last? Only today?” 

Jim was a little confused about what Trevon 

thinking. When Jim saw Mrs. Wilson for the first time, he felt that she was a nice person. He could not figure out why Mr. Wilson deliberately created a scandal to make her misunderstand him. He even ruined his own reputation because of this

to himself secretly, “Besides, Mrs. Wilson is very

guessed that even Mr. Wilson’s grandfather would not let Mr. Wilson go.

his tie and loosened it while saying, “Keep them there as long as you can.”

“But Mr.

to me!” Trevon exuded a calm and composed demeanor that everything was in his

was true that things were in his expectation. Theo had been in the business field for many years. How could he not know what

turn a blind eye to this matter. He would not intervene as long as Trevon

was wearing white clothes, making one feel clean and comfortable.

1 changed recently? Why is the food so bad? It’s really different from what you cooked. That chef is a fake. right? Let’s

food here can give us enough energy to work. Cafeteria I is for our outpatient department. Cafeteria 2 is for the inpatient departinent, and Cafeteria 3 is for the critical care and emergency department. Which cafeteria do you want to eat in? It’s okay if we eat in a different cafeteria occasionally, but someone will report this to the director if we do it often.

they were clearly categorized. Each department, unit, and

were many women,

they would have opinions if colleagues

unnecessary trouble for such a bite of

person who liked trouble. The two were similar

tomorrow. Or, we can also go out to eat. Your motorcycle is allowed to be on the road every day anyway. There are no

I drive too fast.” Sherri cared about her appearance too much, but Natalie loved the feeling of speed. Whenever she drove fast, Sherri would scold her because Sherri’s hair was

it scares me to death. Motorcycles suit you. If you

true. She just really did not like to waste her time

the busiest one in the entire cafeteria. She ate very slowly,


Ah. Natalie, finished.” 

silent. Everyone stopped what they were doing to

a little

your food. She probably found out new gossip again.

they lost interest, and all came back to focus


plate back on the table and blamed her best friend, Sherri. “I

immediately covered her mouth, pulling

a hint of concern. Natalie took it

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