A threestory white exoticstyle villa with full glass windows caught Natalie’s eye. Right away, one could see the spacious and bright living room within

There was a circular extended balcony on the second floor, which seemed to be connected to the master bedroom. On the third floor was another circular balcony large enough to contain several people for a barbeque

Looking around, Natalie found that the other houses in the area were built similarly. It seemed to be the standard in this community

As Natalie and Jim passed through the door, Nell, who was working busily in the kitchen, came out slowly and greeted flatly while eyeing Natalie up and down. Mrs. Wilson.” 

She had disdain for Natalie in her heart. As expected, she was as what Mrs. Rachel Wilson said. She had nothing to bring to the table. Her outfit is cheap,she thought

Nell was Theo Wilson’s servant at Wilson’s old residence. Worrying that Trevon wouldn’t take good care of Natalie, Theo chose a servant to take care of them. However, Trevon Wilson’s mother, Rachel Wilson, successfully bribed Nell before the 

latter came over

The servants in the wealthy aristocratic households learned to be crafty. Someone like Nell, who had been with the Wilson family for decades, was used to judging people based on their mannerisms and as a result, providing differential treatment

From the day they got the marriage license, Rachel Wilson was unhappy about the marriage. However, there was nothing she could do since it was arranged by Theo Wilson, the head and decisionmaker of the Wilson family

Nell also heard that Trevon didn’t like Natalie, so she became even more reckless

Jim Hawk said respectfully, Mrs. Wilson, this is Nell. She will take care of you in the future. I have some business to attend to at the company so I will leave first. If you need anything, you can call me.” 

Okay, thank you for your help today, Mr. Hawk,said Natalie politely. She believed in reciprocating respect, giving three times what she received. Respect was mutual

Just as Jim Hawk left, Nell began to act up. Mrs. Wilson, I have something to attend to at home today and need to take leave. As for your lunch and dinner, please take care of it yourself,” her tone carried a hint of sarcasm. She was not asking for permission to take leave but notifying her of her decision

Rachel Wilson told her that Trevon didn’t like his new wife, who came out of the blue, and they would divorce in a few months. She does not have to take good care of Natalie and just has to put up a pretense in front of Theo Wilson. Trevon would not be sharing a room with her either

After the pep talk from Rachel, Nell firmly believed that Natalie would not be Mrs. Wilson of the Wilson family for long, and she had nothing to worry about

Natalie went upstairs

didn’t know how to do anything. Even though her grandfather doted on her since she was young, he did not allow her to become a spoiled and helpless

things because I believe you would suffer in the future. These are the foundation of your survival. Even if you live well in the future and


guest room She noticed


had carried hopes of trying to make things work out. She didn’t want to get divorced, but she was not the type to force someone to do something they

didn’t like her.


to mention that no fruits were prepared. There wasn’t toilet paper in the bathroom either. Luckily, she noticed that when she went to wash her hands before using the restroom. It would have been super awkward for her to know of it halfway

and bright living room as she flipped through the medical books in her hand. The whole space was filled with a pungent smell. Not even the second or third floor was

skin peeked out as he strode in with his long legs. He had a stern look and a hand covering his mouth and

this my newlywed

cold gaze as if searching for something. Finally, he set his eyes on Natalie.

Trevon was searching for the source of the stench. She didn’t

a durian to cheer herself up. But who knew Trevon would be

living under someone else’s roof. “Sorry, I’ll take it away now. I didn’t know you were coming

door and opened all the windows in the villa. He couldn’t

door and finished smoking a cigarette. After taking a

commanding, leaving no room for negotiation.

up when she saw the bold words on the paper handed to her.

telling who she was laughing at.

damn about her reaction as his face

took the agreement from him. As expected of a wealthy family, they saw her as a scheming woman. They were in a rush to protect their assets. The agreement was dated a day before

agreement to

of paper that contained everything, but all of it was targeted

of the Wilson family would be unrelated to her. In these three months, they would only be cohabiting. The


don’t you rob a bank?

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