After Sherri left, Natalie locked herself in the room with the letter given by Abbot Wright

The signed document was entrusted to Sherri by Natalie for safekeeping. It was unsafe to keep it at the Foster’s residence, as an unreliable person was there

The envelope’s paper looked super old like it had been around for years. It didn’t seem like it was just written recently, but when did Grandpa write it

Natalie opened the envelope as if it were a precious treasure, and her eyes fell upon her grandfather’s strong and powerful handwriting. My precious Natalie, I am sorry that you have to see this letter. I never wanted this day to come, but I must walk ahead of you. I cannot stay with you forever, or I will become a monster. But don’t be sad, Natalie. I just went to where I needed to go. Abbot Wright should have come to see you. Those things were the wedding gift that I prepared for you ten years ago. If you are already married, I shouldn’t keep them for you. They belong to you. If you haven’t married, hide them well so your unreliable father won’t see them. When you meet the one you love, you can bring these gifts to your husband’s home and live a little more freely. I gave you this house, which is your last resort no matter where or when matter how well or poorly you live, you still have a home to come back to. Natalie, the Foster family owes you and your 


you are. No 

Just keep these things without any burden. When the Foster family’s project was losing money, it was your mother who brought the funds from the Lopez family to settle in the Foster family, which made the Foster Group what it is today. Otherwise, without your mother, there would be no glory today. So what I gave you is never enough. The Foster family is sorry for your mother. Your father is ungrateful. Don’t let him bully you because of me. Don’t give in half a step. Grandpa will always stand by your side. Please forgive Grandpa for leaving. Every day in the future, Natalie, you must be happy.” 

Natalie tightly held the letter in her hands, her knuckles turning white. She carefully put the letter back into the envelope, smoothing it out and holding it against her chest

Without Grandpa, where is there still a home?said she inwardly

The dim light became hazy, and suddenly she covered her face with both hands and squatted down, her lonely back adding to the loneliness. She sat on the floor, sobbing in pain, pouring out all the suppressed pain of the past few days. The hoarse roar echoed in the silent room, and tears stained her fair arms. At this moment, her loud crying was like a mountain collapsing, and the tears in her eyes were like the water of the sea, flowing endlessly

The commotion in the room caused the servants to worry. The two servants stood outside the door, feeling sorry and unsure whether to knock or not. Their eyes were also red

she was trying to hold back. It was just heartbreaking to think about how hard it must be for

might do something stupid, so they nervously knocked on the door and asked, “Hey, miss, are

don’t worry about me. I just want to say goodbye to Grandpa. Let’s

pacing back and forth outside the door

at the two with swollen eyes. She said, “Please have a seat.

I wanted to ask you about your plans. Are you planning to stay


servant was already

this place. If you want to stay, you can live here. I’m sure

had decided to stay and

around 50 years old and childless. They had been working in the house for so many years and were reluctant to leave. Besides,

work, they could live

after the rain, and

wearing a black suit who looked about 6 feet tall got out of the driver’s seat. He respectfully took the two suitcases from Natalie’s

a lot of stuff. She was not the kind of person who spent money recklessly. She could get by with comfortable

up, so he sent me instead.” Jim Hawk’s back was chilled with fear. It wasn’t Trevon Wilson who sent him, but rather Theo Wilson, who had called

Instead, she understood Trevon. “He was also forced to get married. Why would he be willing to come and pick me up himself? He never

somewhere before and searched through his memory until he saw the black motorcycle in front of the yard. Then it

she was the girl before,”

see. Mr. Hawk. Can you help me carry my luggage over and send me the

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