The rain cooled the weather overnight, signaling the arrival of autumn

There was no telling if it was because Barron Foster left unsettled or if even the heavens were crying for him and his granddaughter. It rained all night heavily, and Natalie stayed with two servants at the mourning hall to accompany Barron until morning

Cheer up. Natalie, don’t be too sad. Maybe it’s a kind of liberation for Mr. Foster, too,said Juana Landor, who came to pay respects with Sherri early in the morning

Natalie, don’t be sad. Mr. Foster wouldn’t be at peace seeing you like this. He doesn’t like to see you cry. Dear, you still have me. Seeing Natalie getting thinner overnight, Sherri felt her heart ache and hugged Natalie to comfort her

After hugging for a moment, Natalie pushed away Sherri and politely bowed to Juana Landor, who felt sorry for seeing such a scene. Her daughter and Natalie had formed a good relationship since they were young. They often hid in Sherri’s room and played. Juana also liked Natalie very much. When Natalie grew up and became a graceful young lady, Juana wanted to matchmake her son with her, but she could tell that Natalie only saw her son as an older brother

After giving condolences, Juana left, and Sherri requested to stay with Natalie. Juana did not object

You rebellious girl, what on earth do you want? Your grandfather passed away last night, and you didn’t even notify me. I think you have bad intentions, just like your mother. Let me tell youThe person who came in was Natalie’s father, Harry Foster, who started scolding Natalie as soon as he walked in

If you’re here to piss off Grandpa, please lift your noble feet, and the door is over there.” Natalie glared fiercely at Harry Foster, full of hatred and devoid of fatherdaughter love

She gave him a cold and fierce look, full of murderous intent, and even Harry was startled. This was the second time Natalie looked at him with this kind of expression. The first time was the day his exwife jumped off the building

People who came to pay their respects in the mourning hall were whispering to each other. Those in the circle knew about the situation of the Foster family. Some felt sorry for Natalie, while others were just there to watch. After all, nobody could genuinely empathize with someone else

Sherri didn’t want her best friend to cause a scene with Harry in front of Mr. Barron Foster’s mourning hall. In the end, it was her best friend who was hurt. She took a step forward and said, Mr. Foster, you’ve been here for a while. Shouldn’t you present flowers and say goodbye to Mr. Barron Foster? Everyone around is watching!” 

Sherri didn’t speak loudly. She instead leaned in close to Harry, speaking in a tone that seemed like only the two of them. could hear. However, the mourning hall was not noisy at this time, so their conversation could be heard by those who were within proximity

Due to the Landor family’s influence and the current situation, Harry didn’t want to make a big scene and decided not to argue further

Theo Wilson was the last to arrive. After looking around, he didn’t see his worthless grandson. He walked with agile steps to the mourning hall to pay respects

Manor so that Barron can

you, Mr. Wilson.” Natalie didn’t wholly refuse, only

breeze stung like a sharp knife piercing through

a black umbrella for Natalie and stood quietly in

a private conversation with Grandpa.” A weak yet determined voice broke the

the foot

leave her grandpa and wanted to say goodbye

isn’t heavy anyway. Don’t worry. Grandpa is here


her vision blurred as she looked at Barron’s tombstone. Her voice choked as she said, “Okay, don’t stay too long. The drizzle is a bit cold. Mr. Foster

She just stared at her grandfather’s tombstone without blinking. The inscription did not have her father Harry’s name, but instead had her

her face

She just let the

it’s just you and me now. Let’s chat for a bit. I have to criticize you today, Grandpa. You’re terrible at picking the day. Today’s weather is awful. I wanted to send you off on a good

want to go back home without you. That house holds so many childhood memories that I can’t distinguish between reality and dreams. Today, Mr. Wilson suggested

was coming down the mountain, the rain stopped. Maybe it was because

parked there. Natalie opened the door and sat in

arrived at the Foster’s residence, the servant hurriedly came out and

something? Grandpa didn’t tell

something Mr. Foster arranged. Sherri Landor speculated that nobody else would come to find Natalie at this time, certainly not a lawyer. She didn’t have

life, so there was no way he

and intelligence. He appeared to be in his forties and gave


I am the lawyer entrusted by Mr. Barron Foster, my name

not surprised by his purpose for coming, and she

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