Rumbling, rumbling.The deafening roar of the engine in this highrise and the brightly lit city was exceptionally harsh, attracting many vehicles on the road to lower their windows and pedestrians on the road to stop and watch

The lanes in big cities were extremely congested during rush hour, and no matter how prestigious one’s status might be, one still had to sit in his car and wait patiently at this time

Natalie’s cool black motorcycle stopped at the traffic light. She leaned lazily over the handlebars with her long legs stretched out on the ground, waiting for the green light. If she had time, she would even have a smoke

The wind on autumn nights still carried a bit of a chill to it. She was wearing a white irregular sweater, jeans, and a black leather jacket, with a pair of black boots on her feet. Paired with a motorcycle, this outfit was both cool and stylish

A sport car parked on the right side lowered its windows, and a sleazy guy whistled at her, saying, Hey beautiful, let’s have a drink together. I like you a lot.” 

Natalie casually turned her head and gave him a bored look. She could tell he was a typical rich kid and coldly asked, How old are you, 13?” 

The gray Koenigsegg sports car on the left witnessed the conversation between the two. The bodyguard and assistant, Jim Hawk, was also amazed by Natalie’s cool appearance. The girl who rides a motorcycle is really eyecatching and has a pretty cool personality.” 

Upon hearing this, the man sitting in the back seat reading the document looked up at Natalie, his eyes halfclosed with a hint of puzzlement flashing in the depths of his eyes. He found the girl’s profile looked very familiar

Just as the traffic light turned green, Natalie dropped these words and started the engine. She glanced at the gray sports car behind her in the rearview mirror, which seemed familiar, but she didn’t think too much about it. She never wasted time on these things. She was in a hurry to go back and see her grandfather. The motorcycle accelerated, and the speedometer shot up. Soon the black motorcycle disappeared into the congested lane

Listening to the wind howling in her ears, her heart seemed to be chasing after freedom. The kind of freedom that was exchanged with life made her temporarily forget all the unhappiness hidden in her heart

She loved wind and speed since she was young, so she fell in love with motorcycles. This black motorcycle was a birthday gift from her grandfather on her comingofage day, and she treasured it very much

Porsche was still grumbling and aspiring, “I’ll have to find you and show you how much

an hour later.


Barron started living alone, he only kept two attentive servants to care for himself and dismissed the

Grandpa feeling better today? Has he eaten?”

getting married. Miss, you are really getting married?” The servant was curious too. Yesterday, the young lady was still single, and Mr. Barron Foster was on a hunger strike due to

I’ll see Grandpa first and

a doctor, she’d seen death countless times, but when it came to her loved ones, she was definitely biased. It was a different feeling.

compose herself, then opened the door

and said, “Show

out the license from her pocket and handed it to him, then sat on the edge of the bed with her chin lightly resting on

the document, a layer of mist and light

kept his promise. He fulfilled his promise. On the other

condition. Pancreatic cancer can take me at any moment. I’m not afraid of death. The only thing I can’t let go of is you. I’m relieved now that you and Trevon Wilson have registered your marriage. Even if he doesn’t love you now, you are still legally married, and he will protect you.

entire life was giving birth to his bastard son, which made him feel guilty toward his

grandson to marry Natalie, but

weak of breath. “Natalie, don’t cry. When you cry, I just can’t rest in peace. You’re the most obedient and sensible girl. You’re already married.

to sleep with you tonight.” The soundless sobbing, combined with Barron’s words, made her throat choke up, and she

like me? Don’t you think it’s too dirty?” Barron said with a sad and loving expression in

relying on each other, she couldn’t bear to turn around and stood outside the door wiping away tears. She also raised Natalie. The grandfather and granddaughter depended on each other for survival. Even the servant was moved by Barron Foster, who had been playing the role of both a mother and father at

tears, she gently knocked on

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