Yo, our dear beautiful Mrs. Wilson is back!” 

The person who walked forward is Sherri Landor, the best friend of Natalie, the young lady of the Landor family in Athana, and also an obstetriciangynecologist at the Athana Hospital

Natalie coolly threw the key at her, creating an arc in the air. I’m gonna go report back and chat with 

you later.” 

Sherri Landor helplessly shook her head as she watched Natalie’s back. What a stingy Grandet!” 

She raised her hand and glanced at her watch

Taking a threehour leave, but in reality, she only used 58 minutes and still had two hours and two minutes left. She definitely needed to speed up, or else she wouldn’t be able to get the salary for an extra hour. She was probably going to drive the director crazy if so,said Sherri inwardly

After reporting back from her absence, Natalie went to her own office and put on the white coat to prepare for work. Sherri Landor strolled in with two cups of coffee and said in a relaxed tone, So, how is the husband that your grandpa found for you?” 

Without even looking up, Natalie continued to tidy her clothes and asked in a casual tone, Which aspect are you referring 


Sherri’s mouth slightly curved upwards, with an intense curiosity. Wow, in just one hour, you know everything about him, so he’s not good enough!” 

Wow, be careful with your language. Simply, he’s cold, and he’s also pretty goodlooking, replied Natalie

Show me your marriage license, girl. Let me have a look and make sure everything’s good. Maybe my brother can help you check it for free so that your married life can be more harmonious in the future,Sherri added

Here, take a good look.” Natalie briskly took out the marriage license and placed it in front of Sherri, then went about her own business, opening her computer

Natalie Foster? You’re in trouble now, girl.” Sherri was staring at the marriage

little face and blinked her eyes which always seemed to have a watery

license? Just don’t tell me it’s your ex–boyfriend,”

told her that Sherri knew Trevon

is the young heir of the wealthiest family in Athana, the Wilson

not your ex–boyfriend. Otherwise, it would be awkward when we hang

speechless. “Is this what I’m talking about with her?” wondered

marriage license, go ahead and explain if you want to. It’s uncomfortable to see you holding back Speak up Natalie had an indifferent attitude, threw down her pen, leaned back in her chair, and put on

were forced to do it and didn’t have much affection toward each other. It was not a big deal if we don’t understand each other, but it wouldn’t hurt to


to follow her mother’s path. So from the moment they signed the marriage papers, she never had the thought of divorce. She thought. that with time, love could grow. Her grandfather wouldn’t push her into a firepit, and she was pretty good–looking herself. If someone couldn’t appreciate her, then he

then placed the coffee in front of her, speaking in a disappointed tone as if Natalie didn’t live up

person on your marriage license is Trevon Wilson, the wealthiest man in Athana and the young heir of the Wilson Group. Yes, the most famous Wilson Group in Athana, as you think. He is the only grandson of Theo Wilson. Of course, Theo Wilson has another brother, Trevon Wilson’s granduncle, who also has a grandson. It’s a power struggle between the two of them in the Wilson Group. Family feuds in elite circles are typical, but that’s not really the main point right now. I’ll explain it to you later. First, let me tell you about the character of Mr. Trevon Wilson. Everyone in Athana

a big sip

so pissed off that she felt like she needed to take a chill pill. She raised her hand and purposely pinched the space between her nose and upper lip, then wiped her face. “Girl, are you joking? Mr. Wilson is known for his decisive and iron- fisted approach. He never appears in front of the media. Few people know what he looks like. I only saw him once when I accompanied my brother to a banquet. It’s normal if you don’t know him,

her chin with one hand as she said to Sherri, “Do you believe me if I told you that I had no idea what was his name before getting

and thought, “This girl is crazy. She actually got married to a man without even

personality. But her grandpa had been on a hunger strike

marriage license did she find out her husband’s name from the marriage license.

it from your expression. So, since you

suddenly got married. Sherri still couldn’t believe it. And to add to that, the bride was actually

felt that she needed time to digest this shocking

resting her chin on her hand, sipping her coffee. She then looked at Sherri with a pouty expression. “What are you thinking? You said that person’s identity is so noble. Do you think he would be interested in me? That man warned me to keep the marriage a secret, and I couldn’t tell anyone. Otherwise, I’ll be responsible for the consequences. Zip your lips,

a virtuous wife and gradually develop affection with my husband. But after hearing what you said, I feel like divorce is not too

or an idiot. She knew herself well enough not to think that a big shot would fall in love with her. She

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