The sky in early autumn was so blue and clear. Without pesky clouds blocking the view, it was not as vibrant and bright but brought a peaceful and calm vibe

Natalie Foster was in a hurry as she drove her best friend Sherri Landor’s limo to the City Hall

As soon as she alighted from the car, she saw a scene that left her speechless

Four luxury cars were parked at the entrance of the City Hall, led by a sports car worth about 20 million dollars. Standing next to it was an elderly man with gray hair and a young man, surrounded by a dozen tall men dressed in black suits

I must have taken the wrong turn. Could it be that I had stumbled into some neighborhood controlled by the mafia?thought Natalie

She looked around and looked up. She was indeed at the City Hall

She doublechecked that she was in the right place, put the key in her jacket pocket, and walked toward the main entrance

Miss Foster.The voice carried the weight of time yet remained strong and powerful

When Natalie turned around, she saw the old man next to the luxury car calling out to her. She walked back to the car and politely asked, Sir. Are you talking to me?” 

The old man had white hair, a ruddy complexion, and a vigorous spirit. He was standing straight, like he was standing at attention. His eyes were bright, and he exuded an air of dignity that couldn’t be challenged

Girl. I am a friend of your grandfather. Barron should have told you about me. This is my grandson, Trevon Wilson, the one who will be getting married to you today.He turned and gestured to his grandson next to him

This old gentleman was introducing a person to her, but somehow it gave Natalie the feeling he was introducing a product

For example. These bananas were imported, 1.6 bucks a pound. It’s only on sale today, so you should grab some to take home.” 

She was lost in thought for a while before turning her head to follow the old man’s gaze. Only then did she see the man next to the luxury car

He stood next to the sports car. The warm sunlight poured down on him, highlighting his distinct and profound facial features. He looked like a frozen sculpture with enigmatic cold eyes that appeared wild and untamed

His threedimensional facial features were as beautiful as those of a sculpture, emitting an uncontrollable aura of royalty. The sharp edges also exuded a cold and stern demeanor that kept others at a distance

Thinking of the task that was assigned to her, Natalie mustered up her courage and politely extended her hand to greet him. Hello, I’m Natalie Foster. Nice to meet you.” 

The man didn’t react to her right away. His eyes were freakishly cold as he assessed Natalie from head to toe before finally speaking in a disgusted tone. Hmm.” 

little speechless. She thought, “Is it freezing in here? Or maybe it’s

as she completed the task her grandfather assigned her today. After all, it was their first meeting, and

normal. Feeling slightly embarrassed, Natalie put down her

three–hours leave from the hospital today. Being money conscious, she didn’t want

up and get this done.” She looked up at the man, her

What if the three–hour break was not enough to

sounded like she couldn’t wait to

lowered, his face expressionless, and the contours of

parting of his lips, he asked, “Are you in

yeah.” Natalie didn’t explain why she’s in a hurry and just went along with what Trevon said because time was indeed limited. After

know that this was the beginning

without stoppin straight toward the City Hall with his long legs, followed by the old man

a moment and

commotion, but Trevon was very handsome, which made the


Mr. Trevon Wilson, you’re here. Please follow me. We’ve arranged for the staff to take care of you.” The person who spoke

give them to Mr. Darcy,” urged Theo

to Mr. Darcy without any expression. The latter respectfully took them and turned towards Natalie Foster. “Mrs. Wilson, can you

Mrs. Wilson?” 

Wilson’s identity? Why

Grandpa didn’t even say what the guy does. That’s so careless!”

to Ben Darcy and asked weakly, “How long does it take to process it?”

her, full of scrutiny

that kind of woman to be in such a hurry to get married,” he thought.

started explaining herself. “I’m just asking because it’s my first

a crime.

time, half an hour at most. Please come over here to fill out some information.” Ben Darcy answered

Plus, Ben Darcy knew that

It was already a bitterly cold winter day, and with Trevon, it felt like the temperature had dropped even further. It

will change my mind even after getting a marriage license. That showed that she was quite desperate for it, seeing how she’s impatient to know how

had no idea that the man beside her looked down

an hour. They got it in just

His restless heart calmed down only when

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