Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 1 The Baby Was Gone

“My dear sis, Remy is with me now. Room 6009, you know where we are... Welcome to check on us.”

Freya Stahler stared at the message from Alisha Stahler, her half-sister from a different mother. She felt as if a sharp dagger had been stabbed into her heart. She felt so bad after the call.

A photo was attached at the end of the message, in which her boyfriend, Remy Byrne, was holding Alisha tightly.

Obviously enough, the man who promised her to treat her well all his life had hooked up with her sister.

Freya decided to ask Remy. She loved him so much, but why he had done such a thing to her?

The door of the hotel room wasn’t locked. As soon as Freya entered, she received another message. “Dear sis, I’ve found you a man. I hope you’ll like him.”

Freya didn’t understand what Alisha meant, but immediately a man pressed her on the door like a wolf.

He wasn’t Remy.

Freya was overwhelmed by the life-threatening breath. She couldn’t escape at all.

She realized that she had been set up by Alisha. This man must have been hired by her.

hands, she pulled out her purse. “Please let me go. I’ll give

not to hear her voice. He pressed her

she failed to

from her


from the ground, and put it on. His every movement was superior, elegant, and restrained as if he wasn’t the

at the woman who had saved him. However, as soon as

coldness surged through his intense eyes. He thought those people who had set him up came to him, so he quickly took off the ring from his thumb, put it on Freya’s finger, rushed to the balcony, and hopped off. He acted like a

bed stiffly as if she was a soulless doll. She couldn’t believe her

finger pressed on the metal

and ridiculous. Why would a man leave

away. Suddenly,

wanted to

wryly. After thinking for a while, she went to

he saw Freya, he walked up to her. His eyes were full of guilt. “Freya, Alisha had a car accident outside the hotel yesterday. She had a miscarriage and the baby... is

to catch her adultery in the hotel. Unfortunately,

wanted to end her life because of losing her

her neck

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