Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 13 This is for You

"What?!" Seth almost jumped in shock, he looked at Freya who was standing beside him, he said to Eleanor in a hurry, "Mom, this is impossible, they are certainly liars!"

"I don't care!" Eleanor stood her ground as always, "You made the mess now you are going to clean it! I will not pick up after you! Come back in an hour, or I will freeze your credit card!"

After this, Eleanor hung up.

"Mom..." Seth was so mad he wanted to break his phone, he had found his wife and children, where did these frauds come from?!

But he was afraid that Eleanor would really freeze his credit card, he thought about it and decided to head back.

Seth stepped forward and grabbed Freya's hand, "Boss, don't forget, we are having hot pot tonight, I will pick you up after work later."

Seeing Seth's paws on Freya's hand, Kieran's pupils shrank suddenly. He didn't know why, but he really wanted to chop off Seth's paws right now.

Freya pulled her hand away from Seth's, "Sethy, just go, I have something to tell you tonight as well."

Seeing Freya agreed to have dinner together tonight, the corner of Seth's mouth couldn't help but form a smile, "Boss, I will see you tonight."

He looked at Freya longingly before he reluctantly took his leave.

After Seth left, Freya realized there was a big problem, Seth brought the twins over, but she had to work right now, which was going to bring the twins back?!

She took a look at Kieran who was standing beside her, she asked tentatively, "Uncle...Mr. Fitzgerald, I am not off work yet, could you please help me bring Jaden and Jayla back first?"

"OK," Kieran replied softly, his expression was unfathomable.


almost popped out, just before Kieran would agree to join them for hot pot is shocking enough. Now he agreed to bring Freya's kids back

indifferent towards everyone, of all those years she had known him, since when

Seth would think that Jaden and Jayla were his kids, but the three of them were ticking

was Kieran and the twins

her arms, she took a look at the back of Kieran's beautiful head,

chocolate and now he's handsome? But ok, Uncle

Uncle Kieran...

his eyes, actually, he didn't like calling him Uncle Kieran, he would rather call him Daddy, but unfortunately,

Jaden and Jayla, I will treat you to dinner when I get paid.” Freya didn't like owning

made a

could sense that

after a moment of silence, he spoke

was he chatting with

to answer this, she heard Jayla sigh longingly, "Uncle Kieran is so handsome, and even when he speaks, and he is so charming! I want to grow up now,

for me to grow up, I want to be your bride," Jayla

looked at Jayla disapprovingly, "Jayla, how stupid are you. We are related to Uncle Kieran,

Uncle Kieran is so handsome and if I don't

of something, and she smiled again, "Mommy, you are not related to Uncle Kieran, you can get married! To keep

ramble, but

little irregular when she was facing

would admit he was too considering, it's unfair to Daddy, yes, but if Mommy liked Uncle Kieran, he would support them

forever, he

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