Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 25 He Thought She was Dirty

“Alisha, I hate dirty things.”

There was obvious detestation in Kieran’s eyes and his motionless voice dragged Alisha into the deepest desperation.

Although he was not jealous of the men who had had affairs with her since he didn’t love her at all, he felt disgusted when he found out that the woman who had saved him five years ago was such an indiscreet woman.

And the reason why he would get married to Alisha was that he needed a woman and Alisha happened to be the only one who once had her first sex with him.

However, it seemed that it wasn’t her real first sex and she had given multiple “first” sexes to different men in the most indiscreet way.

“Kieran, that’s not true! That’s not true! Those are slanders! I am innocent!” Alisha’s eyes turned red with tears. It seemed that she had suffered from the most terrible injustice.

“Alisha, I can handle it for you. Then, we will be even,” although she once saved his life, they would be even because he had brought her fame and would help her to handle the scandals.

Alisha widened her eyes in shock—they would be even?!

So, he meant that he wouldn’t help her anymore?

Alisha shook her head heavily with watery eyes and implored, “Don’t! Kieran, don’t leave me alone! I love you! Without you, I can live!”

“Alisha, how many boyfriends have you had? How many boyfriends did you have at the same time?”

“Alisha, how many times did you have your abortion? When was your last time spending your night with a man?”

“Alisha, there are many primary school students among your fans; aren’t you afraid that your indiscreet private life will set a bad example for them?”

hide her head in her arms and shout, “Stop this nonsense! Stop! I didn’t do that! I am innocent!

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so many questions to ask Alisha. Yet they were afraid of making Kieran angry because his power was too great

him tightly and said, “Kieran, I know that you will help me.

any emotion and readjusted his shirt as if there had been something dirty on it. He said coldly, “Alisha, don’t let me see you

that, Kieran turned around and walked towards the parking lot firmly and sternly,

according to Kieran’s personality, he would hate her more if she followed him.

had just arrived at the parking lot, Fabian limped over to him as fast as possible

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to the Bureau for your divorce. But I wanted to

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to be remarried to Mrs. Fitzgerald anymore? Mrs. Elliott once told me that she was the most beautiful and kindest lady

for his grandpa’s wish, he would not even bother to have that marriage certificate with her who would betray him

Kieran’s words stopped Fabian from saying anything more. He didn’t like vain and peacockish girls either, so he would help Kieran with his divorce when he

is in big trouble this

coldness in Kieran’s eyes. He added, “After all, she saved

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