Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 14 Hot Pot or Jealous?


Three sneezes brought them back to reality.

Freya pushed Seth away and saw the culprit in his hand; she immediately put the huge bouquet of bright red roses away.

She rushed back and checked Jaden and Jayla's red little faces, fortunately, this time there were just a few bumps, nothing too serious.

"Jaden, Jayla, how are you feeling? Is your face itchy?" Freya looked at them with concern.

"Mommy, I'm fine." Jayla shook her head, but Jaden's gaze couldn't help but fall on Kieran's handsome face.

Uncle Kieran just sneezed too, and his face was just like his own, a few bumps appeared as well, he and Jayla were allergic to pollen. When they got it checked in the hospital, the doctor said it was likely they inherited it; he always thought they inherited it from their Daddy, but they didn't expect to have inherited it from Uncle Kieran.

"Babies, what happened to you? Why would you suddenly sneeze?" Seth pinched Jaden and Jayla's little red face with concern, "There are red spots as well, kids, are you allergic to pollen like Uncle Kieran?"

"Yeah, Daddy, we are allergic to poll... Ah-choo!" Before Jayla could finish, she started to sneeze again.

As if he thought of something, Seth's expression stiffened for a second.

But almost immediately, he changed back to his sunshine cute boy's look, he laughed dryly, "This...this is inherited across generations, it's really amazing..."

In one instance, he held Jaden and Jayla's hands with guilt and said, "I'm sorry babies, I didn't know you were allergic to pollen, if I had known, I would have given your Mommy something else."

face like an adult, "Daddy, please don't feel guilty! I thought you said we are

baby, we will go and eat hot pot right now." Seth picked Jayla

her tongue out, she felt like she was such a traitor, Daddy was so good to her, but still, sometimes she hoped that Mommy could be

the twins, Seth hired a few

and very appetizing. Jaden was starving, his stomach grumbled. He picked up the

to put the mutton into his mouth, he noticed that Kieran took some potato, with

couldn't help but glance at Seth, noticing that Seth was getting food for Freya, but he was using his

but why, when it comes to looks, personalities, and other aspects,

piece of

hearing what Seth had said, Kieran somehow picked up a piece of shrimp as well, he was going to put it into Freya's bowl, and he

What was he doing?!

eat on my own, you know." Looking at her bowl she saw mountains of food, she said

you know, I just love servicing you!" Seth didn't know she was trying to stop

while it's hot." Freya was going to say, with him staring at her like that, she couldn't eat,

was looking so touched, all of a sudden, he rubbed against Freya, hugged her arm; put his head

is a dream, we had children together. And I feel so happy like it isn't real.

twins, you won't leave me,

Freya's arm, his hand paused,

chest felt so uncomfortable, he couldn't eat

came up, and I have

forward to seeing Kieran leave; he didn't ask him to stay for longer. He hugged Freya's arm, "Boss if you

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