Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 26 Who was Mr. Fitzgerald

Linda’s action was unexpected to Freya, so she had no precaution. Although she had tried her best to dodge, her hands were still hit by the coffee.

The coffee was so boiling hot that it would cause so much pain on skin. In the blink of an eye, the back of Freya’s hands turned red and swollen.

Seeing her red-swollen skin, Linda felt greatly relieved. She stared at her fiercely and said, “Freya, I warn you. Go back to your home abroad, or I will torture you until you long for death!”

Freya also saw Alisha’s scandals in headlines online.

She was indeed not the one who ripped off Alisha’s mask. Yet she had to admit that she actually felt quite happy when she saw those evil curses online.

The coffee caused her so much pain. Freya was not the kind that would endure any pain without a word—she would take her revenge and hurt the pain-giver more cruelly.

What a pity that there was no another cup of boiling-hot coffee in front of her.

“So what now? Afraid to admit what you have done? Freya, delete all those pictures and tell the world that Alisha is innocent! You are slandering her! Why can’t you leave her alone? You bitch! How can you be so wicked?!”

“Indeed, I don’t want her to live a happy life and I must thank whoever revealed her scandals online,” Freya responded calmly and sternly.

“Freya, stop being such a fake angle! You are exactly the “whoever”! You are jealous of her! However, you can never beat her!”

Freya sneered and said, “Linda, why should I be jealous of her? Is it because she is more indiscreet than me, or that she can be such a playgirl? Linda, I am not a man-follower.”

“You!” Linda was agitated and she raised her hand high in the air and tried to slap Freya heavily. However, her wrist was caught by Freya before she could reach her face.

out from Freya’s mouth, “Linda, acting like a mad dog here can’t help. You should go back and help Alisha to

that I still have her photo with Remy which she sent me five years ago. If she wants, I can pose it online

to say a word. She couldn’t believe that Freya, who didn’t

and said, “What’s more, I believe that you and Alisha should stop being mad dogs biting others

began to chatter. After calming herself down for a moment, she shouted back angrily, “Freya, I am not a

There is a mad

“You bitch!”

Linda saw Kieran walking in the café, she immediately turned to him for help. She said pitiably, “Mr. Fitzgerald, help us! She …she bullies us! She is the one who created those scandals

hand all the time without giving one

saw that Linda splashed

so obvious that he even wanted to cut Linda’s

Freya is such a shameless bitch! She is jealous of Alisha! Is Alisha’s fault to be perfect? Why did she do those evil

Alisha is Kieran’s girl?

Freya turned

Alisha and Kieran were close to each


Fitzgerald uttered the sentence calmly without

on Alisha’s side and would help his beloved one

he treated her as an antidote. But as he could also treat a sow as an antidote, to him, she had no difference from a sow. So, how could

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