Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 28 Some Ideas Were Forbidden

Wasn’t the man that night Seth? Why would Mr. Fitzgerald have that ring?

Freya was caught by confusion now and multiple possibilities bombed in her head instantly.

Was it possible that the man that night was Mr. Fitzgerald?

Freya grabbed Kieran’s hand immediately and pointed to the ring on his thumb shiveringly and asked, “Mr. Fitzgerald, why do you have this ring?”

“Why?” Kieran looked at Freya and asked.

“Well, I think that I saw it before. It is familiar to me,” Freya was afraid that it would be bizarre if she directly said that a man gave her the same ring five years ago.

“Oh, Seth has it too,” Kieran paused a little and continued, “You might once see it on his hand so you will find it familiar to you.”

It turned out that Seth had this kind of ring too.

Freya felt that her excitement was put out instantly.

She knew that the man who had sex with her five years ago couldn’t be Mr. Fitzgerald. But she still felt disappointed when her just-appearing hope was put out.

As Freya awoke from her hope, she found her hands more painful because of her dramatic movement just now.

She gnashed a little because of pain and she had to deal with her hand right now or there would be blisters, which would cause bigger trouble.

“Mr. Fitzgerald, thanks for your help today. I need to go back to the hospital now.”

Then, Freya began to walk out of the café.


instant, she was taken to the bathroom of the café. He turned on the tap and rinsed her hand with cold

down with cold water first and then put some creams on it. It was unexpected to Freya that Kieran could deal with it so

seriously. It is said that a man was charming when he worked seriously. Well, Mr. Fitzgerald

before she found herself doing something inappropriate and turned her

about what I did


towards him subconsciously and

her lips touched

kiss last night flooded into her mind like

irregularly. She looked down immediately to avoid Kieran’s face since she was afraid that she would lose her

they appeared, they would

it was only because she hadn’t been in a relationship for a long time that she would always be attracted by

forced to breathe in

his explanation again in the fear that

rid of those embarrassing and shameful scenes and responded with a dry laugh. She said, “Well, that’s fine, Mr. Fitzgerald. You didn’t mean it. You were forced to breath in some aphrodisiac!

if it had been a sow instead of me last night,

he loses his self-control. We can all understand that. So,

perfect and appropriate answer in the world, but hearing

about whether he had had sex with Fabian last night after she left, but she didn’t dare to ask when she saw his

Mr. Fitzgerald

delicate brows frowned a little—she

her opinion,

said that he would lose control when he saw a sow, Kieran was angry enough. So, if he

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