Twins and Ex-wife

Chapter 5 He Was the Man That Night

“Dr. Stahler, have you been stunned by Fitz?” Fabian smiled brightly. He limped to Freya. “You know what? Fitz has stunned millions of rich women. Unfortunately, he’s impotent.”

Stunned millions of rich women?

Freya confirmed her guess. He must be the man that night!

She wouldn’t allow her children to call that kind of man father, although he seemed to lead a good life and afford such a massive villa in the high-end neighborhood, Kelsington Bay.

However, he was her children’s biological father, anyway. He had become impotent, so Freya decided to try her best to cure him.

“Dr. Stahler, what are you waiting for? Please hurry up and check up on Fitz. Let’s see if you can cure him or not. If there’s no way to cure him, it’ll be troublesome,” Fabian urged.

broken?” Kieran couldn’t stand Fabian’s noisy voice. He raised his head with a threatening

Fabian instantly answered. He was afraid that Fitz would truly be annoyed by him and break the other leg of his.

pulse was strong, and he looked healthy. She couldn’t tell

kind of sickness was entirely secret. She

opened the medical kit, prepared the acupuncture needles, and said to Kieran calmly, “Take

say?” Kieran frowned deeply. His face darkened,


heard her explanation, and his eyes darkened. He did what

ago, this was the first time

about to check up on him carefully, Kiera suddenly

Fabian gaped at them.

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